Spending Time Together As A Couple

John and I make sure that we spend time together as a couple as often as we can. When you become a parent it's sometimes hard to be anything else except for a Mum or Dad. You have to remember that before baby came along you were you, and if you are in a relationship or you are married you are a couple. Sometimes we lose the chance to be a couple and do couple things but its so important not to. Date nights can be tough but with some planning and a good babysitter they won't be as hard as you think.

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I've popped down a few date ideas that John and I have enjoyed so far this year. They are not crazy nights out just simple ideas that will get you out of the house for a few hours away from the kids to enjoy each others company.

We love going to see a movie but rather than just going to the local cinema we will head to Odeon and pay for the Gallery experience.

It's not available in all Odeon's but if there is one by you that offers Gallery screening then I would definitely recommend.

The gallery is available for those over the age of 18. There is a separate bar area with comfy seats and unlimited soft drinks, popcorn and nachos for those who purchase a gallery ticket. You then get to watch the movie from a sofa for two.

It makes going to the cinema a bit more exciting and we would definitely recommend it.

man and woman holing a I broke out sign
Break Out
Last week we visited our local Break Out. You may have heard of something similar basically we were locked in a motel room for one hour and we had to find clues to help us escape.

I wasn't sure what to expect and whether I would actually enjoy it but I did, it was so much fun.

When we arrived at our chosen game we were shown inside the room. There was a TV screen that had a countdown timer on. You get just one hour to escape. It was tough at times and you are literally on your hands and knees searching for clues to help you unlock padlocks, solve clues and eventually escape. We did with just 39 seconds to go.

It was a completely different idea for a usual date night but it was lots of fun and we laughed so much.

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John and I like to visit the theatre at least four or five times a year and we are always looking for concerts to attend too.

The theatre is probably my favourite date night and we are lucky to have a few theatres close by. We have watched Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Sister Act, Hairspray to name a few. Then we planned a more exciting date day/date night by visiting Birmingham to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and London to watch Wicked. We just went for the day on the train to help reduce costs and we didn't need the boys to be watched overnight.

Going to a concert together is lots of fun too. Unfortunately for John he has had to watch Steps, 5ive, Spice Girls, the Vengaboys and more cheesy pop which wouldn't be something he chooses to watch but he does it so we can have  good night together and we always do.

John's concerts are artists like Coldplay, The Script, Snow Patrol, Jimmy Eat World which aren't as fun for me but I will always go along too.

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Everyones idea of a date night will be completely different. For us we are not interested in going out drinking at the weekend till all hours and feeling ill all Sunday. It's just not us. We've done all that when we were younger, nowadays we would much prefer PJ's, Baileys and a Movie.

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  1. Oo lots of good ideas and this is something my husband and I need to get better at doing. I really like the idea of an escape room for a bit of a different date night :)

  2. PJ's and a movie all the way! What lovely photos of you both. The break out date sounds so good... well done on getting out just in time. #blogtober

  3. Great ideas. The Break Out thing sounds like a lot of fun!
    My fella and I struggle to get a babysitter on an evening but we do try to go out for breakfast once a week while the kids are at school x

  4. I need to spend more time with my husband. We barely get any time alone even when were sleeping lol.

  5. I love the idea of trying out an escape room together.

  6. Aaawww what a lovely post. You look so happy together, my new man is called John too! Kaz

  7. I love spending time with Hubby and we enjoyed a day in London last week which was lovely

  8. Cinema and gigs were things my husnad and I love to do as a couple but it’s harder to have a date night now with an 18 month old and no family to babysit as they live 100 miles away.

  9. We tend to go to dinner but I love the idea of a Break Out night. I've always wanted to try something like that as I love mind puzzles.

  10. Break out sounds really good fun, may have to suggest that to my hubby. Great ideas #Blogtober18


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