Review | Zuru Smashers Series 2

When I was asked if little J would like to try and test Zuru Smashers Series 2 I obviously said yes. He loves blind bag type toys and these are advertised as Gross so I knew he would love them. I wasn't wrong. The Smashers are actually quite fun because instead of opening a bag to find out what's inside, you have to smash an eye ball!!!

The thought of smashing an eye ball to reveal what's inside was very appealing to my little 5 year old although made me a little queasy especially as some have slime inside.

Once you have smashed the eye bag it will reveal 1 of over 100 gross characters inside.

We found one that was covered in slime too.

You can check which Smashers you get by using the checklist which will tell you if you've found a common, rare, special edition or ultra rare Smasher.

Once you have opened your eye ball you can actually rebuild the eye ball to play over and over again although I will be totally honest after both John and I trying for 10-15 minutes we could not rebuild it even after following the instructions.

Once little J had opened all his Smashers we then played with the Sludge Bus. This is a great addition to the range because it adds to the fun. 

 You can store your gross Smashers on top of or inside the bus and there is also a little game to play too. You pop one of your Smashers into the catapult and try and land him in the toilet to score points.

Zuru Smashers Series 2 are available are most good toy retailers and available online at Amazon. You can find out more about the range by visiting Zuru



  1. I've not heard of these before but I know a little boy who would just love them! Love that you can store them in the bus x

  2. These look like fun. My kiddo loves a good collectible toy, bonus points for the added gross factor!

  3. My two boys would love these! They love anything they can open like that!


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