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Summer may be over but we have been trying out Kinetic Beach Sand for the last few weeks and its made us feel like we are back in Cyprus. The Kinetic Sand actually feels like wet beach sand and the set includes a variety of moulds and tools so perfect for making lots of sandcastles.

 If you haven't played with Kinetic Sand before then you should know that although it looks like regular sand its completely different. This sand is easy to mould and doesn't cause any mess at all. You can clump it together, roll in a ball and make sandcastles. When you pick it up it will turn softer and can actually drip through your fingers, it sounds strange but it is really fun.

As there is no mess it can be a perfect indoor sensory play activity. We actually use it in our tuff trays although you would need lots of it to fill a large tuff tray. If you don't have a tuff tray or something similar then it's good to know that the box doubles up as a handy sand pit for you to build and play. I will say that if you do use it indoor then it can cause wooden floor to become very slippy if its dropped on there.

The Kinetic Sand doesn't dry out as long as you keep it stored in a dry container, the box is perfect for storing too.

We are already big fans of Kinetic Sand and Kinetic Rock and this set really doesn't disappoint with
1.4kg of Sand 

6 Sandcastle Moulds

2 Tools

1 Sand Box Playset

We have tried all different Kinetic Sand and Rock sets but this is our favourite so far as it feels just like the beach.

I would definitely recommend Kinetic Sand especially if your little one enjoys lots of sensory play and you don't like a lot of mess.

You can pick up Kinetic Sand from most good toy stores and online.


we received Kinetic Sand Beach Sand Kingdom for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own.

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