Review | Thunderbirds Are Go International Rescue

11 October 2018

Thunderbirds Are Go - International Rescue is a new free game from Kuato games, who you may have heard of with their range of Dino Tales Storytelling and literacy skills apps for children. Thunderbirds has been around for ever, however is still really popular with children and with this game, you can become the hero and stop a disaster from destroying the arctic.

You can play as a number of famous characters, and pilot Thunderbird 2 through the frozen land performing daring rescues, and use a ski pod around a mazed area to rescue important items.  You also get the chance to go on foot, rescuing data from destruction, hacking systems and recovering secret items.  Each mission gets slightly more tricky then the last, but none are so difficult that you would find yourself closing the game!

Gameplay is very straightforward which is great for the age range of the game, aimed at 6 - 11, however having played for a while myself I really did enjoy the simple approach to the gameplay.  Whilst there is some challenge offered, it shouldn't be too difficult for little ones to be able to grasp the controls and enjoy the game.   Each vehicle type has different control settings, and there is a handy on screen joypad for when you are on foot.

I completed a number of missions, for which you are awarded 1,2 or 3 stars depending on the time it takes you to complete. The quicker the better, so there is also some good replay value offered in the game, creating a sense of wanting to get the 3 star awards to prove you can do it!

Available for iOs and Android devices, with additional vehicles and extras to buy should you wish to, Thunderbirds are Go is available now, and currently has 5 star rating on the apple app store.


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