Collaboration | How To Create A Warm And Cosy Home This Winter

This year will be our first winter since our whole house had a makeover. Everywhere feels so fresh and new but it just needs some finishing touches to help create a nice warm and cosy feeling for the winter. We have already started buying a few little bits and pieces and Christmas decorations too. There is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa while the weather is cold outside. We have created some tips for you all on how to create a warm and cosy home this winter.

1. Make Your Fireplace The Heart Of Your Living Room

I don't use our fire much as we tend to use the central heating however I always make sure the light is on the fire. We have an electric fire and it doesn't have to be on to have the flames flickering there is a setting to just have the lights on without the heat. It makes the whole room feeling warm and snug when it's on and it always makes me feel cosy.

2. Add A Rug To Your Living Area

This only works if you have laminate flooring which we do. We change our rug at least once a year and we like to choose a nice red rug for the winter months. It doesn't always go with our colour scheme but we don't care as it looks fab in front of the fire. Some people say that wooden or laminate flooring can feel cold or make a room look bare, I personally don't and would choose laminate flooring over carpet any day but if these are your thoughts then adding rugs will definitely help with that.

3. LED and Fairy lights Are Not Just For Christmas Trees

 We have lots of battery operated lights all round the house and they give off a lovely glow and a cosy feeling. You can pick them up in most home ware stores and I promise you will not regret adding these to your living space.

4. Create An Inviting Smell.

We absolutely love our Yankee Candles and there are so many different ones that you will be spoilt for choice. They have lots created especially for this time of year so I would definitely try a few out and make your home so amazing.

5. Throw A 'Throw' Over Your Sofas

This is something we have never done but have been to lots of family and friends who have throws over the sofa and it looks amazing. We have leather sofas so it's something I definitely want to do this year. When it gets a bit chilly you can just pull it over your shoulders and you instantly have a blanket to snuggle under.


*This is a collaborative post*


  1. My parents house has a fantastic fire place, I wish I had in my house.

  2. I love your tips, I miss having a fire place and these tips are definitely cosy.

  3. I'd love a fireplace in my house - I really do think it would make it more warm and cosy. Unfortunately someone got rid of the one from our house long before we moved in.

  4. I swear by candles at this time of year - it definitely helps make a more cosy feel.

  5. I really want a real fire - joys of living in a terrace means we cannot have one :(

  6. These are all great ideas. I love burning scented candles during the wintertime.

  7. I so wish we had a fireplace! It always makes a room look so much cosier!

  8. Some great tips - Looking at getting a throw for lounge soon!

  9. Totally agree with you on the fire. I have just started putting mine on and it just makes you feel so relaxed and cozy after a hard day's work. The coldest weather that Autumn/ Winter can throw at you is instantly forgotten when you snuggle up in front of a fire.

  10. Nothing beats a cosy fireplace to warm up your winter.

  11. Surprising how a few accessories really make a big difference to warmth and cosiness


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