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Little J has now graduated from reception and is ready to move on to year one in September. Time certainly has flown this year and it doesn't feel like a year ago that we were preparing for the start of his school journey. The last term was all about their ambitions and encouraging the children to 'Reach for The Stars'. They were told to never give up on their dreams and that anything is possible if you believe it. It was a lovely way to end the year and in their graduation ceremony we got to see what each child wants to be when they are older.

Little J's face popped up on the projector screen and he had said he wanted to be an Astronaut, how ambitious is that!! I love that he actually thought about what he wants to be when he is older at such a young age. Now I know that he will probably change his mind a million times before he leaves school but it would be lovely if some day the dream he has now becomes a reality. Why not?

We are actually taking part in a Peppa Pig Campaign all about 'When I Grow Up' so it was perfect timing for us. We were sent a bundle of Peppa Pig goodies showing lots of different professions.

Little J was particular interested in the Peppa Pig's Space Adventure Case.

The case is Peppa dressed as an astronaut and inside there is a light up projector torch which beams three different pictures on to your wall, glow in the dark stickers and the chance to build your own rocket. Once you have finished it all packs neatly away in the hard case.

We waited until it was dark and used the torch to project pictures of rockets, planets and Astronaut Peppa on the wall.

We had lots of fun building the rocket and talking about how rockets fly and why astronauts have to wear spacesuits. Thinking about 'When He Grows Up' has really opened his imagination and has prompted him to ask lots of questions about space, some answers I had to google!!!.

I really do hope he keeps 'reaching for the stars' in year one and beyond and I really do hope he keeps believing he can be whatever he wants to be.


*we were sent Peppa Pig Goodies as part of their 'When I Grow Up' Campaign. The idea for this post was my own including thoughts, opinions and photographs*

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