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We had a very interesting delivery last week for little J, a crate which was all locked up and inside was a very unexpected surprise. Firstly we had to unlock the crate using the crowbar supplied and the once the lock was open we popped open the lid and up popped Sizzle.

Sizzle is our new creature friend who has come to stay with us. He has a very long purple tongue and if we pull it he makes lots of noises and his eyes light up.

He doesn't seem to like being shook upside down, however little J likes to do this because Sizzle will make lots and lots of grunting noises.

If we press his tummy and talk to him he will repeat what we say in his own voice. It's lots of fun and little J likes to get him to say lots of wacky words and sentences. It is funny hearing Creature say 'I've got a smelly bum!!!' typical boys eh!

When Sizzle gets hungry we have a treat which we can feed him. We hold the treat to his mouth and he will make lots of chomping sounds.

Sizzle has wings which flap if we squeeze his tail.

When we've finished playing with Sizzle we put him back in his crate and soon hear him snoring. We pop his lock back on so he doesn't escape during the night.


What We Loved

The packaging really adds to the excitement of opening Sizzle.

Lots of interactive features.

Recording your own voice and hearing Sizzle say it back is lots of fun.

The quality of the crate, Sizzle and the accessories are really good and would be able to withstand quite a bit of rough monster play.

What Could Improve

Nothing, we love him


Sizzle is one of four Crate Creature Surprise's to collect. He is currently priced at £39.99 and is available from most good toy stores including Smyths and online at Amazon


We received Sizzle in return for a review on Playdays and Runways. The ideas for this post, thoughts, opinions and photographs were our own.

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