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boy holding a home made rocket for space themed bedroom
You may have read my post yesterday about Little J's ambition to be an Astronaut when he grows up. He's really into Space at the moment and is always trying to make rockets out of plastic bottles or building spaceships out of Lego. I love how creative he can be at times and he will sit for hours trying to perfect his latest model. I hope his love of Space stays, as he now wants a Space themed bedroom. We have not long decorated his room however we just painted it, we didn't give it any type of theme as he wasn't really passionate about anything at the time.

Now that he's decided on a theme we have been looking everywhere for some ideas. I don't want to spend too much money as he is only 5 and he could change his mind within a few months and it would need redecorating however we have managed to pick up a few small bits already.

We picked up 2 space bedding sets from Argos not long ago. The first bedding set has the moon on and it's reversible too so the other side has star constellations on. The second set is blue with lots of planets on and again its reversible so although we only got two sets he has 4 possible covers to choose from.

space themed bedroom wall mural
At the moment his walls are blue and were only painted a few months ago so don't really want to paint again. We came across a lovely space themed wall mural from Wall Sauce. The mural is filled with planets and does appear to be a little grown up for a 5 year old's bedroom but I think this would be able to stay with him as he grows up.

He has two lights in his room currently of planes so we are on the lookout for some new lighting. We will probably look in Ikea, Argos or The Range as we have had nice lighting from them in the past.

I am thinking of adding some shelves as at the moment he doesn't have anywhere to show off his creations that he makes. We usually just display them downstairs sometimes on the fireplace so it would be nice to have a display shelf in his room that he can pop them on.

Lastly we will try and find some nice accessories to complete his room. I like the idea of a bean bag or comfy chair as big J had one when he was growing up and loved it. He would bring it downstairs too whenever we watched a movie or he was playing on his games. He has a few space type teddies which sit on his bed already so these will look great when its finished.

Does your little one have a themed bedroom?


This is a collaborative post - however the ideas for this post are my own. 

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