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One of our favourite things to play with are figures. We have so many and they all stay together in one big box so when it comes to play time they can all get involved. Little J uses his imagination to create a world where all the figures live. Some are goodies and some are baddies and the world usually involves them fighting each other. We were recently sent a new figure to add to our collection. Lava Golem is an Eldrador Creature from Schleich.

Lava Golem is a real hothead, on the inside, he is made of red-hot magma; on the outside he is covered by strong cooled lava plates which protect him like armour. He becomes irritated extremely easily and doesn't waste time when it comes to putting his enemies in their place with his mighty lava axe. The weapon is so hot that he is the only one that can carry it! But he doesn't always use his axe. Anyone who gets in his way will get a taste of his mighty fists without any advance warning! But quick opponents know how to freeze the super-strong giant in his tracks, because he is so heavy, he can't run particularly fast.

Little J took one look at Lava Golem and instantly put him on the baddies team. Lava Golem is one of the new Eldrador Creatures and I can see us adding some more of the range in to our collection already as little J loves him.

The range covers creatures from the world of Lava, Ice, Stone and Water and there are 12 to collect each carrying their own super weapon.

As you would expect from Schleich, the Lava Golems detail and paintwork are amazing. He is excellent quality who will withstand lots of rough play.

You can view the range of Eldrador Creatures by visiting Schleich. The range is available to buy online at Amazon and RRP is currently £13.99


We were sent the Schleich Eldrador Creature, Lava Golem for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own.

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