Review | Schleich Wild Life 4x4 Vehicle With Winch

We absolutely love Schleich and our collection is growing nicely thanks to our latest addition, the Schleich wild life 4x4 vehicle with winch. I knew this was going to fit well with little J's animal collection as the vehicle is a rangers 4x4 and it comes with a ranger, called David.

Before playing began little J enjoyed putting the 4x4 together. We followed the instruction booklet and within 10 minutes we were ready to play. 

David the ranger is accompanied by a chimpanzee and together they are ready for lots of adventures so we decided to get out all our existing wild life toys to make one big play set.

Little J loves playing in the garden so it made the perfect backdrop for lots of 'jungle' play.

As expected from Schleich the vehicle is really good quality and comes with lots of accessories to enhance play. The winch can be attached to both the front or the rear of the 4x4 and can help with lots of sticky situations such as pulling out something that is stuck in the mud or an injured animal. Little J's imagination ran wild and he came up with lots of different scenarios.

There are also 2 petrol canisters which come in handy in case the 4x4 runs out of petrol. An aluminium box which fits a spade, an axe and a knife.

The ranger is also prepared to help any injured animals as his 4x4 has a veterinary kit with a syringe, stethoscope, ointment and a bandage.

Little J absolutely loves the 4x4 vehicle and although it can be a stand alone toy with lots of accessories he has enjoyed adding it to his existing Schleich collection.

You can find out more about Schleich and the the Wild Life 4x4 Vehicle by visiting Schleich or you can purchase over on Amazon.


We were sent the Schleich Wild Life 4x4 Vehicle With Winch for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. The link to Amazon is affiliated.

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