Planning A Ski Trip

Before big J left primary school he was offered the chance to go Skiing with the school to the French Alps. I remember being shocked at first because our little boy wanted to go somewhere he had never been before doing something so different than he had ever experienced, without us. It took a lot of persuading and tears before we said yes, but looking back now I am so glad we did. As expected he had an amazing time with his friends and recently we have spoken about maybe going skiing as a family.

I can't say that it is on my 'things I really want to do' or 'places I really want to visit' list but I am always up for anything and the boys seem really keen. I have promised big J that I will look into it and do a little bit of planning. I remember the list of items big J had to take with him was huge and that was only for one person.

Here are our Top Tips For Planning A Ski Trip

Choosing A Resort

The main questions to ask yourself are

Where would you like to visit?

Do you want to just ski/snowboard the entire holiday or would you like to choose a hotel/resort with other facilities?

What type of accommodation - Hotel or Chalet?

Do you want it to be close to airport/train station?

Is it suitable for couples, families etc?

I would definitely make a list of what you want from the resort and do lots and lots of research. Have a budget in mind and stick to it. When it comes to booking make sure you have ticked off everything (or nearly everything) that you want from your holiday. Theses trips don't come cheap so you don't want to have any regrets.

For us we would need to find somewhere that is family friendly and also suitable for beginners. We would also like to be somewhere that wasn't just skiing or snowboarding 24/7. I would love there to be nice villages close by or stay in a resort with other facilities such as a spa, entertainment and activities for the kids.

Make sure you think ahead. Skiing can be a dangerous sport / hobby which can lead to personal injury. Luckily there are websites such as who will be there to help should you need it.

You only have three options when it comes to clothing you either buy, rent or a bit of both.

When big J went skiing we bought most of his ski wear and if you are sensible you will shop around to find the best deals.

I remember the clothing being easy to buy but the goggles were quite tough. There were lots to choose from and obviously protecting your eyes is very important so I would set time aside for this ensuring that you do get the right goggles for you.

You can find basic clothing lists online which will help you have an idea on how much clothing you need to take.

It's probably best to hire your skis, boards and boots at the resort which has become a popular choice with skiers over the past years as if they are no good you can always change them while you are there.

Taster Sessions Before You Travel 

I would definitely recommend that you book in taster sessions if you live close to a indoor slope centre. We have visited Chill Factore a few times and both John and Big J have had skiing sessions there too. If will help you get used to actually being on the snow on skis or a board. It can teach you the very basics and grow your confidence before your holiday.

Choosing The Best Time To Travel

Once you have decided on your resort I would definitely keep an eye on the weather patterns for your chosen resort. Obviously weather can change but I think March onwards does get slightly warmer in ski resorts and from research I've done most recommend January. Weather conditions are good and on the whole it is quieter.

Pre Book Your Lessons and Sessions Before You Travel

When you arrive you will probably want to just get on those slopes but it is important to make sure you have lessons booked as unless you have been skiing before it will be tough.

Lessons from a skiing instructor will make sure you learn proper techniques and also (hopefully) will stop you from hurting yourself.

For the latest family ski holiday news check out Travel Loving family

Hopefully these tips will help us plan a ski trip in the future. Have you been skiing - do you have any other tips to share?


This is a collaborative post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

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