Review - PJ Masks Headquarters

PJ Masks Headquarters Playset Box
Little J first heard about PJ Masks quite late on when we stumbled upon it on TV. We had no idea what it was but it was really good. Now, he absolutely loves it and like most boys and girls runs around our living room pretending to be Cat Boy, Owlette and Gecko. He recently was given some PJ Masks figures from his Grandparents which was perfect timing as we received PJ Masks Headquarters to review recently.

The PJ Masks Headquarters is ideal for fans of the show. It comes as a one piece with a few minor clip on pieces and a slide. The set comes with Cat Boy and his car to start you off on your own PJ Mask Adventures. 

PJ Masks Headquarters Playset
There are many interactive features to the PJ Masks Headquarters including

PJ Masks Headquarters Playset - The Main Control Centre
The main control centre which has lots of lights and sounds including the PJ masks theme tune.

PJ Masks Headquarters Playset - Owl Vision
Owl Vision - This is at the top of the playset and you can activate the owl vision by pushing up the lever to reveal Luna girl and her moths. 

PJ Masks Headquarters Playset - Catboy on working tree lift
Working Tree Lift.- You can access the top floor of the PJ Masks Headquarters by popping on the lift and pushing it up or down.

PJ Masks Headquarters Playset Slide
Slide - This is detachable but perfect for sliding down either with the figure or cars. 

PJ Masks Headquarters Playset - The Spyscope
The Spyscope doubles up as a shooter so if you spot any trouble you can shoot fur balls. 

PJ Masks Headquarters Playset Romeo
There is a main slider switch on the base which when pressed closes the tree branches to capture the enemy but it also activates a spinning dressing room for the PJ Masks to change in to their superhero costumes.


What We Loved

Colourful and just like the headquarters on TV

Lots of interactive features 

Encourages Imaginative play and fine motor skills

Includes Cat Boy and Car however more figures sold separately 

Comes as a one piece with just a small number of add ons. No chance of pieces going missing.

What Could Improve

Would have been nice to include all three PJ Masks figures and maybe just sell the villains separately.


PJ Masks Headquarters is currently available to buy at Smyths with a RRP of £49.99


Disclosure - We received PJ Masks HQ for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, opinions and photos are our own. 


  1. This will be on the Christmas list
    They'll be so excited come Christmas morning

  2. My daughter absolutely loves PJ masks so this set would be a huge hit in our home, it is a shame the don't include all figures as its a set but its a way of making for money I suppose xXx


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