Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Our Sainsbury's Halloween Goodies

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What do you get if you pop into Sainsbury’s for bread and milk with a 4 year old? A trolley full of Halloween goodies!! Last week was the first time I have seen little J be so excited for Halloween. As we walked through the door of our local Sainsbury’s we were stopped in our tracks by a huge display of Halloween decorations. Little J instantly ran over and started pressing try me buttons on light up lanterns and dancing pumpkins. At one point he had three dancing characters on the floor watching them as they spun around. I do usually buy one or two new decorations each year to add to our collection so I had a silly idea of asking little J to choose two new items . . . he wanted everything. 

We always have a Halloween house party each year but as big J is too old now and little J wasn't old enough we haven't had one for a few years, just a little tea party for the 4 of us. However this year I am looking forward to hosting a Halloween party for some friends. 

Whilst little J was playing with the Halloween toys I popped in the trolley some party ware. I know that we will have tons in the loft as I buy lots of it every year and never end up using it all but I had to buy a new table cloth, plates, cups and napkins. There were 3 variations but I went for the ghosts design They say Woo and Boo and the tablecloth has lots of eyes on it and is wipe clean. They were priced at £2.50 each for packs of 10 for the cups and plates, napkins are a pack of 20 and the tablecloth is single and cost £3.50. I also bought Halloween crackers which are cute and cost £4 for 8.

Little J wanted to get some spiders and spider webs which I think are great fun and look so realistic. We have had some similar before and they are very creepy but the web gets everywhere. It comes in a ball with the plastic spiders attached and the idea is you pull the web and the more you pull the more it looks like spooky cobwebs. We always put it over the lights, around the fireplace and up the stairs. These were great value for money and priced at £3 including lots of web and 6 spiders,

Sticking with spiders I bought some door decorations. They hang over your door frame and have glittery webs and hanging spiders. These were priced at £6 each so I bought two as we have two main doors downstairs however now thinking about it I should have bought 4 as I am guessing they will only cover one side of the door. 

This was my favourite buy and I just fell in love with them when I saw them. Halloween Ghost Bottle String Lights, They are sound activated however there is a try me on them and once I pressed them I knew I had to buy them They play the Alton Towers music. For those that know us will know we are huge fans of Alton Towers so this was a must buy. They were priced at £12 for 10 lights. 

Last but not least little J decided to choose a dancing pumpkin which when pressed spins round and dances to The Monster Mash song. There were others to choose from, including a witch and a skeleton. It was priced at £12 and is really cute. 

So that is just a few of our new additions to our Halloween decorations this year. We still haven't been to Costco yet which we usually do every year and will normally find something to buy so watch this space. 

Have you bought any decorations for Halloween yet?



  1. I bought some pumpkin lights a couple of weeks back and will bring down last years stuff

  2. Ghoulish goodies for a FRIGHTFUL HALLOWEEN - BETTER start my carving (pumpkins)

  3. Will have to pop into Sainsbury's looks like they've some great stuff

  4. I love those lights! Have just bought some Yankee Candle halloween candles - smell lovely!

  5. I got some skull led lights from Iceland for a quid! I'll use them all year, though.

  6. Love the lights! I bought lots of decs last year at Hobbycraft in the bargain basement section in December. 20p each!

  7. I don't decorate the house if I'm honest, we just dress up and go trick-or-treating with the kids

  8. I haven't bought anything as yet..but Halloween has really taken off in this country since I was little - we hardly noticed it?

  9. What a lovely variety of items, my son is 13 this year and says he's to old to dress up, my daughter on the other hand is five and loves celebrating Halloween, and our baby daughter is only 7 months old so doesn't really have a clue although she will be dressed up xXx

  10. Yes I've bought bits and pieces - fake blood, decorations and stickers, the pound shop near me has some great Halloween bits and obviously at a great price on will be getting more

  11. I have never really bothered with Halloween but they are some great decorations.

  12. Looks a really good range!

  13. Ooh great selection!! I love Halloween time 😈🎃👻

  14. A lovely haul. I picked up some bargains in the post-Halloween sales last year so we are all ready.


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