Pumpkin Picking At Kenyon Hall Farm

Last week my social media was full with photographs of people Pumpkin Picking. It's something we have never done before so we decided to go on Saturday morning. I googled the best places to pick a pumpkin in the North West and lots of choices came up. I then researched a few that were local to us but we actually decided on Kenyon Hall Farm based on a friends recommendation. She went last year and said it was really good. I headed to the website to check out where it was and for those local it's by Warrington just off the M62. Saturday morning it was raining so I hoped not many people would want to go picking in the rain but I was wrong, it was so busy.

We were directed to an overflow car park and it was very very muddy so please do wear your wellies if you head over there. Once parked we had to cross a very busy road however there were staff members on both sides of the road stopping traffic to help people cross. 

When you arrive on the farm there are signs to show you the way to the pumpkins. I have never seen so many pumpkins in one place before. Little J was very excited and although big J was less enthusiastic he actually spent the most time trying to find the perfect pumpkin. 

You arrive at a large greenhouse type building which is filled with pumpkins that have already been picked, weighed and price tagged. They ranged between £2 - £10 and although we had a look we decided to head out to the pumpkin field with our wheelbarrow. 

The field was full of people trying to find a pumpkin and it was actually quite hard deciding on which one to choose. Little J kept pointing out mouldy ones or ones that had been squashed. 

After looking round for what seemed like forever in the light rain, both boys wanted to head back in the greenhouse and choose a pumpkin from there. 

Little J picked his quite quickly, it was only small but he liked it. Big J did take a long time choosing and at one point picked up one that was huge but decided on a medium size one. Both pumpkins cost £8 in total which is really reasonable and lots more fun than going to Tesco or Aldi. 

There was an area were you can carve your pumpkins for £3. Great idea for those who need inspiration but also you can leave all the mess there. We decided to take ours home and we are planning to carve them soon. 

Once we had picked our pumpkins we headed to the very very muddy play area. Little J had his wellies on so was quite happy stomping around in the mud. He did however lose a welly at one point when he was on the swing, it flew off. Luckily it didn't hit anyone. 

There are lots of picnic benches dotted around and I did see a pop up tent serving food. We brought a packed lunch but opted to eat it in the car because it really was wet and cold.

I have to say we really enjoyed pumpkin picking. It's actually quite fun and and I would like to think it will be a new tradition of ours to do each year.

I will update here once we have carved our pumpkins with photos of our creations.  


  1. What a fab idea.I didn't know there was anywhere that children could pick, carve then play. Desite the weather it looks fun.

  2. Looks like a great day, I always buy ours from a supermarket for our children, I never think to go and pick our own but next year I'm going to see of there is a farm nearby, my children would love to pick their own, and looking at your photos we will definitely be wearing wellies xxx


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