We Are A Super Wings Ambassador

20 July 2017

I am so pleased to announce that we are teaming up with Alpha Animation this Summer and becoming an Ambassador for Super Wings.  If you don't already know Super Wings is an action packed animation series which launched on Cartoonito in February.  The storyline aimed at children 3-5 years, encourages pre-schoolers to develop problem solving skills. 

The series revolves around an adorable jet plane named Jett who travels the world experiencing different cultures while delivering packages to children. With every delivery, Jett encounters a new problem that he and his friends, the Super Wings, must work together to solve. Jett and the Super Wings have the unique ability to transform from planes into amazing heroes who can run, climb, lift, dig and even dive deep under the sea.

I will introduce to 4 of the very colourful Super Wings team.


Jett is young, confident, and very fast. He gets along with everyone at World Airport and he loves to travel and deliver his packages.

When Jett’s missions run into trouble, he calls on his best friends, The Super Wings.


Donnie is great with tools and he can fix almost anything.

He is loyal and good-natured but he’s very naive. He believes whatever anybody tells him and this sometimes causes problems for the Super Wings team. 


Jerome is a stunt flyer and he performs in air shows. 

He loves the spotlight and he loves to compete with his friend Jett.

But whenever Jett needs help, Jerome is always there for him.


Dizzy is a strong little rescue helicopter.

 She’s very pink and she’s very tough!

Dizzy is never without her Rescue Rope and he Emergency Kit.

She loves Jett like a little brother and she’s always happy to help him out when he gets himself into sticky situations. 

We are really looking forward to bringing you are the news and updates on Super Wings this Summer. We will soon be receiving some Super Wings goodies which we will be reviewing so keep your eye on our blog and social media. There will be a chance for you to win some goodies too including the fabulous World Airport so you won't want to miss that. 

For now make sure you check out Super Wings and follow #SuperWingsSummer.


  1. That sounds like a great role for you; I hope you all really enjoy it!

  2. looks a great set -a winning product

  3. We've not seen this yet, but I'll be keeping an eye out now! Monkey loves planes!

  4. Not heard of this so thank you! Think my niece and nephew would love it xx

  5. cant believe that even with 6 children i had never, until today, heard of super wings!!
    It certainly looks like something my girls would love though!

  6. Good idea/s, hope to see more planes / helicopters, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  7. Ema Reader-Powney5 August 2017 at 03:46

    This looks so amazing! My Son would love to play with this, as would I 😃

  8. They look like fantastic toys, I have the airport for my girls for Christmas, I think they are going to absolutely love it xxx


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