Casdon Minimarket Till Review

Little J absolutely loves playing shop and cafe. Out of all the role play activities he has they are his two favourites. He has always loved numbers so anything that involves numbers of any sort is always a winner. When we were sent the Casdon Minimarket Till to review I knew he would love it as soon as I read it has a built in calculator. 

Set up was easy and we were ready to play within minutes. Obviously little J wanted to be shopkeeper so I was the customer. The minimarket till is very different to the standard till he has, as it has realistic food and a place to store it. 

Little J kindly gave me some money out of the till so I could do my shopping. Once I had decided what to buy he pressed the buttons on the till to add up how much I had spent. 

As I said earlier there is a calculator on the till so perfect getting little ones used to recognising numbers.

Little J didn't want to give up the role of shopkeeper so I was the customer for quite a while. He kept replenishing the shelves after I had finished my shopping. The food that comes with the mini market till is great, looks just like the real thing, the profiteroles look delicious. 

The button to open the till is easy to use which is great as little J had a till in the past that was impossible to open. All you need to do is press down and the drawer for the money pops open. 

The Casdon Minimarket Till offers

Role play activities for exploring imagination and developing social skills 

Realistic food packaging and till for visual stimulation 

Play encourages the development of hand-to-eye co-ordination 

Different functions for understanding cause and effect 

Accessories and components develop problem solving and motor skills 

Different features encourage exploration and discovery 

Calculator and money for development of early counting skills 


What We Loved 


Easy to use

Realistic food and shelves to store

Real Calculator

Small amount of play money included. 

What Could Improve

Nothing, little J loves it.


You can view more from the little shopper range by visiting Casdon and you can purchase the Minimarket Till in good high street toy shops and online at Amazon.


  1. Ahh! Over the years my girls have had a couple of tills. I think my teen even had a Casdon one years ago. They are fantastic fun! It sounds like he has been having a fab time with this x

  2. I can't wait until my daughter is older enough for things like this. I remember loving playing shop when I was younger.

  3. My daughter loved play tills, this one looks great 😀

  4. This looks awesome, I love the bright colours and that it includes food. We had a really cheap one and it broke pretty quickly. The Casdon toys are great, we have a dyson.

  5. Playing shop is always so much fun x

  6. My children love role play but have to put up with the ancient cash register from my own childhood, maybe I should update it!

  7. Noah has this!! Cardin has been around for years I even had their stuff as a child.

  8. I love that it has a calculator- playing shop is a great educational role play activity - I loved it as a child

  9. Tills are such a great toy, and this looks like a really great model! Thanks for the review.


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