Disney Pixar Cars 3 Movie Review

17 July 2017

Last weekend we headed to our local Odeon to watch Cars 3. It's been 11 years since the first movie was released and in the 11 years since, we have been massive fans of Lightning McQueen. Big J's first cinema visit was when he was just 4 years old and we watched Cars so its odd that Little J's first ever cinema visit is when he is also 4 but he's watching Cars 3.

 We love both Cars movies but if we're honest Cars 2 could have been so much better than it was. It was quite complicated in places and focused mainly on Mater than Lightning. Although the race events were throughout (which is what the boys love) we did find it was lacking something special. I was hoping Cars 3 would go for a more simpler story similar to Cars, and for us it did.

The movie starts with Lightning in his truck, the same way Cars started. The screen is dark and you can hear Lightning saying 'Speed, I am Speed' then it flicks to the race track then back to darkness ' 1 winner, 42 losers.' Then it flicked again to the race track, showing all the cars speeding around the track. Then back to darkness  'I eat losers for breakfast'. At this point I honestly had excitement in my stomach as I knew this movie was going to be great.

The first few minutes of the movie shows us a glimpse of what Lightning's life has been like. He has been in the top 3 racers alongside Cal Weathers and Bobby Swift. They seem to be having fun on the track and struck up a real friendship however they are older now and there is a new generation of racers, that not only look better but are faster than ever. As the new generation settle in to their new home on the race track we see more and more racers retiring except for Lightning. He still thinks he has it in him and will do everything he can to beat the new rookie sensation, Jackson Storm. Unfortunately Lightning crashes and the screen starts to fade, he is badly injured and the story skips to four months later.

The film then shows us Lightning trying to get his game back and become the racer he once was with the help of wannabe racing car, Cruz Ramirez. She is a lot like Sally in looks and personality and I really liked the character. She takes Lightning on a fitness journey to help him get to a speed over 208mph so that he can beat Jackson Storm.

We see flashbacks of The Fabulous Hudson Hornet throughout the film and Lightning and Cruz even visit his old race track and coach Smokey Joe. 

The blossoming friendship between Lightning and Cruz is lovely to watch and we are reminded just how far Lightning has come over the 3 years. He was once a lonely, stubborn and self centred race car but he is now a loyal friend with a huge heart.

The main characters take a back seat in this movie and even though the aim is to beat Jackson Storm he probably has less that 15 minutes air time throughout.

The final 25 minutes of the film was the big race in Florida. Did Lightning have what it takes to beat Jackson Storm? You will have to watch it and see. 

We absolutely loved the movie and so pleased that little J managed to sit through the 1hr 50 minutes. He did need a few toilet breaks but overall he was fab and wasn't distracted by other children who were either crying or chatting to themselves. 

Did you see Cars 3 this weekend? What did you think?



  1. No, haven't seen any of the Cars films. Not yet any way. I do like Disney films, though competition ( winner/s and loser/s) and speed, etc are not my thing. I like to encourage the children to be inclusive, caring, sharing, and to be careful. Speed can lead to accidents, and it is not easy to recover, repair, etc in real life. Though I do appreciate when animation can be easier to explain :- only make believe. But still I like to try to instill good values, morals, etc into family and community life. My great nephew is fond of Lightning McQueen, his uncle loved cars as a child and I wondered if maybe he would become a mechanic. He did consider joining the police.

    Rachel Craig

  2. We haven't seen this yet, but can't wait to see it xx


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