Board Game Club Review - Cortex Challenge

A few weeks ago we were asked to join Blogger Board Game Club. As we are huge fans of board games we were excited to say yes. We are amongst a group of 50 bloggers who will receive a board game each month to try and review. This months first game arrived and it is Cortex Challenge by Esdevium Games. 

Cortex Challenge challenges your brain in a fun game that tests your thinking, memory and speed skills. The aim of the game is to compete against each other in 8 different tests that exercise different brain functions. The first to win 4 brain pieces and complete the brain jigsaw is the winner.

The tests include . . . 


You have to name all the items on the card.


You need to quickly find the exit to the maze from the start arrow


You need to identify the colour that is written in its own colour.


Each card has a colour for each hand and a number for each finger. Once you flip the card you have to place the right finger from the right hand on the spot.


Find which illustration is duplicated.


Which side of the dice occurs the most?


Which shape fits exactly into the main diagram

Touch Challenge

The winner of the previous card has a touch card chosen for him by another player, You have 10 seconds to identify the object.

Playing The Game

The youngest player goes first. Flips a card for all players to see. once a player thinks they have the right answer they place their hand over the card and they must immediately give their answer. No thinking time allowed. 

If you guess the correct answer you win the card and get to keep it in front of you. Once you get two of the same type of card you get a brain piece.

If your guess is incorrect you lose the card and play continues.

Winner is the first person to win 4 pieces of the brain jigsaw. 


What We Loved

A really fun game that gets the brain working.

A great variety of tests to get involved in.

Easy instructions and easy to play.

A game big J can enjoy as it is recommended for 8 years +.

What Could Improve

Depending how often you play this you will obviously begin to remember the answers to the tests.


We really enjoyed playing Cortex Challenge and so glad it was our first game in the Blogger Board Game Club. The box is travel size so you could take it round to relatives or to play on holiday.

You can buy Cortex Challenge in a range of high street stores or online


Disclosure - We are part of the Blogger Board Game Club and was sent Cortex Challenge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. If you wish to buy Cortex Challenge using the link provided I may receive a very small credit.


  1. This looks amazing! I love these kinds of tasks and the game looks really well made. Thanks for the review!

  2. I think we all need to keep out brains more active and there is research to suggest games are a great fun way to do this

  3. Looks like an interesting game. I love board games too.

  4. Id love this gane. Something for us all


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