Travelling To Majorca With The Kids

10 July 2017

Majorca was the first holiday we went to as a family of 3 way back in 2003. As we had never had to plan a holiday with a baby before we relied heavily on recommendations from our family and friends and whoever we spoke to Majorca always came up as a possible destination. If you are a parent, when it comes to booking a holiday to Majorca you want to know that it is suitable for your children and what we have found over the years is Majorca ticks every box.

Our first holiday was to Sa Coma which is on the eastern coast of the island and the whole resort is family friendly. We stayed in an aparthotel but we opted for self catering. This was the perfect choice for us because in the resort there were so many restaurants to choose from and they all catered for children.

The beach was only a 5 minute walk from our hotel but it wouldn't matter where you stayed within the resort as the beach would only be in a short walking distance. 

The beach in Sa Coma is beautiful and so is the promenade which boasts little restaurants and children's play areas. You can walk along the promenade right in to the next resort of S'illot and Cala Millor and Cala Bona are only a short bus ride away.

We visited Sa Coma quite a few times but after a few years we decided to visit the more popular resort of Alcudia.

We had heard so many fabulous things about Alcudia and it seemed like the perfect destination for us. It's family friendly, beautiful beach and lots to do for all the family. For me this holiday was a bit of a blur as I was very ill throughout. I didn't know at the time but I was in the very early stages of pregnancy and the morning sickness kicked in as soon as we landed. 

Alcudia is situated in the North of the island and is less than an hours travel time from the Airport in Palma. We stayed in an aparthotel again but this time we stayed half board. We found staying half board meant that we didn't get to experience the local restaurants which was a shame as there were so many to choose from. 

The beach has lots of water sports to choose from and plenty of opportunities for beach volleyball or football. 

We visited the local water park, Hidropark which is a great day out for all the family, featuring flumes, children's splash parks and wave pools. It is only a short bus ride away from Alcudia resort.

We haven't returned to Alcudia since but I would definitely like to return in the future. 

Next on our Majorca bucket list is Puerto Pollensa. Again this resort is situated in the North of the island and is a small town. It's supposed to be quiet and extremely family friendly. As it is a resort based around a port, there are two beaches and a beautiful marina. 

I honestly believe that no matter where you visit on the island it would be perfect for little ones. Everywhere we have visited is extremely clean, friendly and it just makes you want to return. 

Have you been to Majorca? Which part of the island did you visit?

Disclosure - All thoughts, opinions and photos above are my own however I was compensated for my time when writing this post


  1. Great post! I visited S'illot in Majorca quite a few years ago. It's a very beautiful area and we all had a great time x

  2. I went to Majorca back in 2010 with my then boyfriend - we stayed in Callas de Mallorca, which was beautiful. I loved it so much that I took my mum there a year later. Such a beautiful island x

  3. We are going Majorca in May, we are going to Santa Ponsa. We picked Majorca for the short flight time as it will be our little two's first time abroad. I holidayed in Majorca as a child and loved it, we stayed at club mac which is still there now! xx

  4. We used to go to Alcudia when I was young. Lovely place for families.

  5. I haven't been, but I've heard great things about it as a destination for families. I love the look of that waterpark!

  6. Looks like you had a great time....I LOVE Mallorca! We usually go to Cala D'Or but Alcudia has a gorgeous beach!

  7. Well done to avoid Magaluf

  8. Have been thinking about taking the kids and parents to Majorca - such a helpful and well written article to really help with planning and knowing what to expect :) Love the pictures <3

  9. Majorca looks absolutely stunning. The kids were in for a real treat. Thank you for this post, been wanting to travel with my younger family and this is now one of my top favourite destinations.


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