Sea Stars At Sea Life, Blackpool

Having a Merlin pass is probably one of the best purchases we make each year. Being a Merlin pass holder entitles us to free entry to 32 attractions across the UK after paying a one off fee at the beginning of your membership. Over the past few weeks we have visited Alton Towers, Legoland Discovery Centre and last weekend we Sea Life in Blackpool to check out Sea Stars which is new for 2017.

We visit Blackpool a few times across the year and we always pop in to Sea Life as it is a great attraction that we all love. When we heard that Sea Stars had arrived we knew it would be something little J would enjoy as he absolutely loves Star Fish especially after seeing some last year on on holiday to Cyprus. 

The new attraction lets you get up close and personal with the little creatures including the Brittle Star, Chocolate Knobbed, Common Starfish, Spiny Star, Goose Foot Star, Red Knobbed and Sun Star. I honesty didn't know there were that many different kinds of Starfish but reading the facts and information dotted round I actually learnt quite a lot about the species. 

As well as reading facts and looking at the Starfish through the glass there were lots of chances to get interactive which little J loved. 

The rock pool at the beginning of the attraction had a little starfish inside. Little J popped his hand straight in to give him a stroke. The rock pool also had lots of other Sea Life creatures including crabs and shrimp.

Little J enjoyed playing the Starfish game with his older brother ready to help him out.

We also got to do a touch and feel game. There were three different materials to touch and each one felt like a different type of Starfish.

Little J also enjoyed the Starfish tunnel where you can crawl through and look at the Starfish up close. 

He also enjoyed the many pop up bubbles too. He thought he was actually in the tank with them.

Sea Stars is a fantastic addition to Sea Life Blackpool and little J can't wait to go again. He's already planning our next trip.


What We Loved

Getting the chance to be up close and personal with the Starfish.

Lots of interactive features to keep little ones entertained. 

Lots of information dotted around on the walls and computer screens.

What Could Improve

There was only one Starfish in the rock pool so we did have to wait a while to give it a stroke. 


Sea Stars is the new attraction at Sea Life, Blackpool. 


Disclosure - We are Merlin Pass holders and gained entry to the attraction for free however we were compensated for our travel and received a Sea Life Goodie Bag. All thoughts, opinions and photographs above are our own.

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