Little J's Toddler Days - October

October has been and gone and it will soon be Christmas. Little J has had a lovely October, here are a few of his highlights.

two boys meeting Bing Bunny at Hamleys
Meeting Bing Bunny
Two boys meeting Bing Bunny and Flop at Hamleys Toy shop

I think the biggest thing to mention this month is we tried to wean him off the pig (Peppa) and we succeeded. Don't get me wrong I don't mind him watching Peppa at all but it was the only thing he would watch and it was getting silly. He would ask for another and another and another until I had to switch the TV off. He does like other programmes but he would constantly ask for Peppa so in the end we didn't give him a choice. We now have a variety of programmes that we watch throughout the week which he really enjoys. He still watches a little Peppa but we also watch Bing, Twirlywoos, Woolley and Tig and Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom.

We have enjoyed some lovely days out this month although our favourites have to be Disney On Ice, Blackpool and Ice Cream Farm.

Boy Watching Disney On Ice
Watching Disney On Ice

When we were invited to Disney on Ice, I obviously jumped at the chance because I love all things Disney but I didn't think about little J being too young to sit through a show like this. We went along anyway and we decided that if he didn't like it or only lasted 30 minutes then we would just leave. We were shocked when he sat through the whole show. He loved it. He watched, danced and clapped along and we all had a great time.

standing in blackpool

One cold night after school we decided to go to see Blackpool illuminations. We picked big J up from school and headed up the M6 to see the famous lights.

two boys looking down from blackpool tower
Looking down on Blackpool

When we got there we decided to go up the Blackpool Tower. Little J loved it and it wasn't busy at all so we had the top of the tower to ourselves.

boy on racing car ride

little boy on racing car ride

 Afterwards little J went on his favourite ride. It's inside Coral island and he loves it.

This month I have noticed you can hold a conversation with him now.

My favourite things he has said this months are

' Dunno ' - he started saying this for everything. Whenever you ask him something this is his reply when he can't be bothered talking.

' Kiss it better ' - whenever he falls or hurts himself this is what he says. It's so cute.

' That's my song ' - He has some favourite songs at the moment and when we hear them on the radio or we put them on You Tube he'll say this. Its so funny.

He still needs to overcome his shyness. If he is a shy person then thats fine but he clams up when he needs to talk to new people and sticks his finger in his mouth. He is getting slightly better but it is something I want to work on.

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