Autumn Days Out With The Kids


The summer holidays have now come to an end. Trying to keep the kids entertained for six weeks can be challenging but we found some days out that were not too expensive but we had lots of fun. For some help in finding a day out you can always visit my Family Days Out page or I have listed a few of our Autumn Days Out With The Kids.

1. Cinema 
Going to the cinema can be very expensive when you have more than one child to take. Big J sometimes goes with his friends now and we don't get much change from £20 after he has paid for his ticket, drink and snack. Little J was never to keen on the cinema so we didn't want to pay full price for a ticket so we took advantage of the Last Chance or Kids Screening as these are a lot cheaper than a normal ticket. Showcase Cinemas offer Last Chance and Odeon Kids Club is just £2.50 and you can see films every Saturday or Sunday morning and every day during school holidays. Perfect for a wet day.

boy at the farm

2. Farm
We recently took little J the farm and he really enjoyed it. It cost £2.50 per adult and £1.50 per child to enter. There was an option to feed the goats or chickens by buying a bag of food at 50p each. We chose Goat food as they are so funny and always hungry. Little J thought it was hilarious when they were eating the food out of our hands. There was a woodland walk which was a little muddy but as long as you have suitable clothing for the kids such as children's waterproof over trousers, wellies and a rain jacket they can have lots of muddy fun. We finished off the morning with lunch in the cafe. This made the visit more expensive as it was approx £4 per person for a sandwich and drink. There were plenty of people eating picnics outside on the grass and picnic benches so if you want to cut the cost take a packed lunch

3. Swimming
Swimming is perfect for a wet day. Sometimes on weekends or school holidays our local pool bring out lots of inflatables and the slide is usually open too. We have a lifestyles pool close by which is free for big and little J. John usually takes them on a Saturday morning and it is reasonably quiet. They start in the little pool and then they all go in the big pool for a play and swim.

boy on the swing

4. Park
We love going to the park and could happily spend a day there. Depending on your park you can usually spend quite some time on the play areas, exploring the woods and visiting the cafe for a pit stop drink. 


5. The Beach
Most kids love visiting the beach and if you choose the right one you can have a really good time. We have a few within driving reach and its perfect for a lovely Autumn walk. Take along a bucket and spade and you can have so much fun, even if its cold and windy. We have some water shoes and flip flops always with us in the car just in case we decide to visit a beach. We then have a little paddle in the sea and have a look for crabs and starfish.

Do you have a favourite Autumn day out?

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  1. Monkeys favourite day out has always been the beach but we often try and pick up the kids club at a local cinema. All three of us can go for less than the price of one ticket at the cinemaplex! Great list :) x

  2. I love the beach, however my other half hates it :( boooooo. We love farm days though and they are always a hit with the kids. I love farms where you can get involved and feed the animals.

  3. We rarely go out if I am honest but when we do our family walks at the weekend are the best. We never do anything during the week because I am working until 5pm so can't really do anything after that. I haven't been to the park in months actually. I might bring Matthew this weekend as Chloe is at this age now where she could possibly sit in one of the baby swings.

  4. We live all of these apart from the cinema, as we haven't done that much with Baby yet X

  5. I love that you go the beach in the autumn! I took J the other week and he loved it. We were both wrapped up, wellies on, and had the beach to ourselves because no-one else was crazy enough to brave the wind and cold, we loved it! I should take him swimming more though... x

  6. I love outdoorsy days and taking a picnic is the best way to do things, I find, saves money and you can make food you actually like instead of overpriced horrible sandwiches. Having to pay for things as a family can really work out so expensive!

  7. Our favourite thing to do is head to the nearby woods and just go for a long walk. The girls love running and exploring and getting out in the fresh air, and it doesn't cost a penny (well, apart from the slice of cake we inevitably end up buying at the park cafe!). x

  8. We love odeon kids club! We have a craft cafe near our house which is fab kids can paint or do clay etc and I can eat cake! Win win!

  9. We walk across the woods via town for a cup of tea and up to the swing park. We're lucky to have so much greenery around our way so lots of beautiful walks to be had xx

  10. We love going to the beach and also visiting the farm. We live in a beautiful area so lots of walking and Country activities to be done!

  11. Autumn is best time of year for days out

  12. There's a lot to do and enjoy but families might not be in a position to spend anything.

  13. The kids cinema on a Saturday when tickets are cheap is great for a wet weekend.

  14. We always try to visit Blackpool Illuminations as they're a feature of Autumn in our house. We head off straight after school and get fish and chips while we wait for it to get dark.


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