Christmas Gift Guide For Pre-Schoolers

If you are stuck for ideas on what to buy this Christmas then you can check out our top 5 presents for Pre-Schoolers.

Toot Toot Drivers Garage by Vtech Baby

 We are big fans of Toot Toot and we saw this recently when we visited Toytopia. It is a new and improved version of the garage which little J already owns.  It features 3 tiers and a working vehicle lift. It comes with the Toot toot Tow truck and features 9 smart point locations which will work with all toot toot vehicles.

Currently priced at £36.99

Pippa's Pumpkin Carriage by WOW Toys

We are so proud to be a WOW Toys Blogger Buddy and we absolutely love their range of toys. One of my favourite's is Pippa's Pumpkin Carriage. It's no secret that I am a huge fan of all things magical and this playset is full of fairy magic. Pippa's carriage can be pushed along to the sound of realistic clippety-clop noises. Lift the roof to reveal a magical dressing room including a magical mirror. 

Currently priced at £19.99

Silly Wheelie Mickey by Fisher Price

 Watch Mickey as he cycles around the floor showing off his best skills. The flag on the back of his bike can be pressed to choose a game. Catch the flag, Follow Mickey and Silly Wheelie ride are a few games to choose from. There is also a very catchy 'silly' song that will stay in your head for hours. We recently reviewed Silly Wheelie Mickey and you can read the full review here.

Currently priced at £37.99

Frozen Sing along Elsa doll and microphone

Simply place the microphone up to her to activate the hit song "Let It Go", which she sings in full. She also lets the child join in; just take the microphone away, sing the song and she carries on where you left off. The doll also says 15 different phrases from the film.

Currently priced at £34.99

wobbly farm, mill and barn, weebles

Since we reviewed Wobbily Farm, Mill and Barn our house has been taken over by Weebles. I have to admit they are lots of fun to play with and you can even get Peppa Pig Weebles too. Weebles Wobble, but they don't fall down! Have hours of fun with the Wobbily Farm Mill & Barn. Push down the milk churn and watch the windmill sails spin round. Put Rusty the Rooster on the top and watch him slide down the slide on to the spinning mill wheel roundabout. An exclusive Rusty the Rooster Weeble included

Currently priced at £22.50

What is on your Pre-Schoolers list this year?

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  1. Great picks for toddlers. Everytime I see the add for SWM I hear Silly W*lly Mickey. it does sound like it. I'd say Elsa will be huge again this year!

  2. Some lovely ideas here, how sweet is that little carriage?! I love the silly wheelie micky, too. How cute. My daughter isn't a preschooler but she would LOVE that doll!
    Lovely list and fab post xx

  3. I have just found my sisters Christmas present! She loves Peppa Pig and the carriage looks like oink-tastic fun. Sorry I couldn't resist the pun!

  4. great elsa doll. We bought one and she only sang the first three words "let it go" i was very disappointed for my daughter... It sounds great to have a doll that sings the full song! - ANgela

  5. Some lovely ideas here, I read the review you did on Mikey and thought it sounded fab :). I'm sure it will end up on Monkey's wish list xx

  6. These are really great picks, my nephew is mad crazy about silly wheelie mickey but mickey in general he loves.

  7. I bought my niece sing a long with Elsa and it has to be the most annoying toy ever, thankfully it isn't at my house so her parents have to suffer ha x

  8. We love WOW toys and Toot Toot drivers here too. Am planning on getting some of each for Aidan for Christmas. Great list! x

  9. My little one has been saying she wants the Elsa sing along doll! She is going to have fun come christmas, some great gift ideas, I'm going to have a look at Mickey as I know a God Son of mine who would adore it!


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