JML Phoenix Gold Iron

I have to admit that I don't do much ironing, Daddy does the majority of it. It's not that I don't want to its just I am so slow so it's easier and quicker if Daddy does it. When I told Daddy we were receiving a JML Phoenix Gold Iron he was quite excited as our old iron has seen better days.

The JML Phoenix Gold Iron has continuous steam which is perfect for Daddy's work and big J's school shirts.

The iron is perfect for steaming clothes as it removes creases without contact. The pressurised chamber creates the steam when vertical.

There are six main features of the Phoenix Gold Iron including

Built-In Steam Genertor
Seperate temperature and steam controls
Continious and consistent steam flow
Safe for delicate fabrics

Ceramic Sole Plate 
Glides easily over fabrics
 Easily removes creases and quicker than a standard iron
Retains heat
Easy to Clean

Concentrated Steam Drive
Focussed pressure zone
Irons through multiple layers
Steams tough creases
Safe for use on logos, prints and buttons


What We Loved

There are some fabrics that we are wary of ironing but as you can iron without contact it makes it so easy. You just hover of the clothes and the steam does the rest.

You can steam vertically which is great for shirts and uniforms.

Safe to hover around logos and prints without ruining the garment.

Continuous steam button means you don't have to keep your finger on a button.

There is a light which indicates when the iron is on and also another when the steam button is on. 

It looks great. Love the colour.

What Could Improve

It's quite heavy. I tested the vertical steaming and after about 15 seconds I started to feel just how heavy it is. This is something to note if you want a lightweight iron.


Like I said earlier I don't really do the ironing so can't comment enough on how good it is but Daddy has give it a big thumbs up.

Currently priced at £49.99 and can be bought online by visiting JML or Amazon

*We received the JML Phoenix Gold iron for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own*


  1. I don't iron....I don't even own an iron but if I did I would want it to look like this. It looks so fancy.

  2. I've been looking around for a new iron, so it's good to read this review. I like the idea of continuous steam.

  3. I do the ironing (sadly) and do as little as possible but could really do with a new one. I think it looks great, I don't think I'd mind the weight. I love the colour too!

  4. I'm glad to finally know of someone whose other half does the ironing too! J always does the ironing in our house. The iron looks great though, I like that it has continuous steam.

  5. This iron has serious class what a great review and even better iron! I need to upgrade mine for this snazzy one.

  6. I have a simple iron and like you I don't do ironing either. Daddy doesn't even do it. The only thing I iron is his shirts and that's every month maybe.

  7. I love the idea of this, I've always wanted a steam generator but hate those big bulky boxes the iron sits on! This looks like the perfect solution. x


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