Savse Smoothies Review

2 November 2015

When we received a selection of Savse Smoothies, I was looking forward to trying them. I was quite shocked when big J wanted to try them to. Normally he doesn't like anything like this but he was really keen to try.

We received three Super Smoothies out of the Super range of five.

Super Orange - Mango, Celery, Apple, Lemon, Orange, Passion Fruit and Carrot

Super Red - Strawberry, Orange, Kale, Spinach, Broccoli and Celery

Super Purple - Beetroot, Apple, Lime, Mango and Avocado

Big J wanted to try the Super Orange first. He knew the smoothies contained fruit but also some other ingredients that he may not be to keen on so he decided not to look until after he had tried it.

He poured himself a glass of the Super Orange and took a big gulp. He loved it. He knew the main flavour was Mango and said he could taste the Mango flavour straight away. He couldn't really taste any of the other flavours, which for him was a good thing.

Some of the combinations do sound a little strange but the taste is delicious. We both enjoyed Super Orange more than the others but they to were very tasty.

Each Savse Smoothie bottle contains 100% natural ingredients and each bottle is prepared using a four step process.


We pick only the best fruit and veg, harvested in their prime.


We then press, squeeze and puree to maintain the essential goodness of the full fruit and veg.


Then we apply high pressure processing to lock in all the nutrients and get rid of any nasties without using any heat.


Good to go!
And, voila, a delicious bottle of Savse full of all-natural ingredients and ready to be enjoyed

As you can see above each 100ml is only 44 Kcals and 2 of your 5 a day.

We have already bought some more Super Orange from our local Sainsbury's. Currently priced at £3 for 750ml bottle. We are also keen to try Super Green and Super Blue too.

To find out more about Savse Smoothies and where to buy you can check out Savse Smoothies website

*we received Savse Smoothies for the purpose of this review, all thoughts above are our own*


  1. I have never seen these before, my eldest loves smoothies so she would love these. I will have to keep an eye out for them the next time I am in Sainsburys xx

  2. ooh not heard of that brand but we love smoothies. They arre a great start to the day.

  3. I love smoothies, but I haven't tried ones with the fruit veg mix. I must bite the bullet and give it a whirl x

  4. I have tried the orange one and really liked it, I also like the sound of the purple one too x

  5. Super Red ( apart from the Spinach) sounds so healthy and revitalizing would love to try it. Will you be buying more?

  6. I have a thing about Beetroot at the moment so the Super Red would be right up my street!! Great that they are 2 of your 5 a day.

  7. I've not seen these before, but then I have a nutribullet that I really should us more often. Funny how the Super Red only has 1 red item in it!

  8. The combination of flavours in the Savse smoothes sounds amazing. I love how they combine fruits & veg. I'd love to try the red one, sounds gorgeous & so healthy! x


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