Our Day Out At Legoland Discovery Centre

Last month we visited the Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester. The Legoland Discovery Centre is situated in Barton Square within the intu Trafford Centre. As it is part of the Merlin Group we get free entrance to this and also its neighbour attraction Sealife so its a great day out. If you don't have a Merlin Pass its better to visit the website before your visit as they have offers and multi buy tickets for both.

We haven't been for a few years so I was looking forward to seeing the some of the newer attractions such as Star Wars Miniland, Forest Pursuit and Merlins Apprentice. There is also a brand new attraction opening soon called Duplo Farm.

The first attraction we decided to go on was Kingdom Quest Laser Ride. We have been on this many times before. Its one of the first attractions you visit whilst walking through Legoland Discovery Centre. 

Each chariot holds 4 people and each person gets a gun which you then use to shoot at the screen. You must shoot trolls, spiders, skeletons and more to earn big scores. Your score is displayed in front of you, so you can see how well or how bad (like me) you have done. Big J really enjoyed this ride when he was younger ( and still does now) but I was unsure whether little J was a little too young. He loved it and wasn't really bothered by the darkness in places. 

The next part was Star Wars Miniland. Daddy and Big J are huge fans of Star Wars so  they were both excited to visit this part as we haven't seen it before. I do like Star Wars myself, well I like the newer films but I have to admit I did spend quite a few hours on the Star Wars Lego game. It was one of the first Lego games we got for the xbox and we were all hooked on it. 

Next we walked through the original Miniland. This is London and as you can see Big Ben and The London Eye are included.

Little J found this very interesting, although I think it was because he could touch it. No idea what it is though? Any thoughts?

The Blackpool Tower

Daddy and big J enjoying a game of Lego football. Big J won both times.

This is one of my favourites in Miniland. There is a button which you can press and Oblivion will start to go up the track and then fall into Oblivion just like the ride at Alton Towers.

Daddy, Big J and Little J spun the wheels as fast and as hard as they could to try and win the horse race. Big J won and little J gets a big clap for effort and determination.

This was also a new attraction for us - Merlin's Apprentice. Its a two seater ride and its like a bike, you have to pedal. The harder you pedal the higher in the air you go. Little J loved this and went on it twice. Every time he passed big J and I he would wave.

Next we had a little sneak peek at the Duplo Farm area. This section opens to the public on 22nd May. There are large duplo blocks, small lego and a slide which little J loved. 

Little J absolutely loved the farm animals when they came out to play. He gave the pig a huge kiss and a cuddle and the chicken too. It was so cute.

Big J enjoyed watching his brother playing in the farm area. He was giving him hay so he could feed the animals and he also had to push him down the slide a few times as little J was holding up the queue.

We had a great time at the Legoland Discovery Centre and although there are a few attractions little J couldn't enjoy just yet he will soon when he is a little older. We will definitely return in the future and enjoy another playdate.


  1. These pictures say it all to me
    Looks amazing

  2. wow, looks like a lot of fun, my little one would love this

  3. This looks amazing! Our daughter is obsessed with Lego and desperately wants to go to Legoland Windsor but we live right the other side of the country! We have been considering taking her to this one in the Christmas holidays! Thank you for this great review!


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