We had a DVD weekend with Fireman Sam and Q Pootle 5

Little J likes to watch TV and is starting to have a few firm favourites. He won't sit and watch a programme from start to finish just yet but he is certainly starting to enjoy it. He will glance over every now and then and if there is something in particular he likes then he will sit and stare whilst fiddling with a toy in his hand, but not for to long before he's off playing.
I usually find myself still watching children's programmes even when he's not around. 
We have recently been watching two DVDs which were sent for little J.
Fireman Sam - Ocean Rescue

I am a fan of Fireman Sam myself. We have been watching him for years since big J was little and it's nice to see Fireman Sam has stood the test of time and is still a favourite of little ones. I have to say we really enjoyed this. Little J has watched Fireman Sam before and he seems to like it. I thought the episodes were really good. I loved the fact they were on the ocean and I have been looking at the range of toys to go with this.
New coastguard Ben works alongside the Rescue Team to keep everyone safe with heroics on the high seas. Mike takes on the choppy seas alone as he attempts to set up some fireworks but they accidentally all go off at once. Meanwhile Norman and Mandy row out to sea in search of a rare turtle. Its not long before they are lost and the waves keep getting bigger. Will Fireman Sam be able to find them before disaster strikes? Find out all this and more in this collection of new, daring Ocean Rescues.
The DVD features six episodes 
All at Sea
Whale Watch
The Pontypandy Cup 
Turtle Hunt
The Treasure Trap
Stage Fright
running time is 70 mins approx.
Q Pootle 5 - The Great Space Race and other adventures

If I am honest I hadn't heard of Q Pootle 5 before which i'm shocked at really because as you may already know we are huge fans of cBeebies. I was eager to give the DVD a try because after watching the trailer ( which you can below) it looked great. Again little J seemed to really enjoy it. We watched two episodes over the weekend and its a really cute show.

Join Q Pootle 5 and his friends in 13 of your favourite episodes
The Great Space Race
Pootle's House Guest
Groobie's Spacewash
A day with Ray
The Biggest Picture Ever
Rocket Bird Oopsy
Flower Power
Hitting The High Note
The Singing Valley
Runaway Rocket
Eddi's Hat
It Came From Outer Space\
Also includes extras

Okidoki Karaoke
The Making of Q Pootle 5

So both DVD's got big thumbs up from us here and I am sure they will stay in our dvd collection as little J gets older.
*we were sent the dvd's for review purposes. All opinions are our own*

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