Tesco Loves Toddler Range

Little J has been trying out some of the Tesco Loves Toddler Range recently. When it arrived I was drawn to the bright colours and animal pictures. Very cute and very appealing to toddlers.
We were sent a variety of items including
Easy Scoop Plate

This for me was just a perfect design for little J. The rim around the edge meant he could push his food towards the side using the cutlery set (see below) and scoop it up. We had very little mess to which was a bonus.
Easy Hold Cutlery

Little J still uses a plastic spoon and we hadn't introduced a fork yet but I let him have a go at the both of these and they were great. They are quite light but with a nice chunky easy to grip handle. He can feed himself with a spoon already but he hasn't mastered the fork yet.. but he will in time.
Easy Grip Sipper

Little J has used a bottle like this before and if I am honest we had to stop because it would leak everywhere if he tipped it or left it on the side. This however is different as it has a valve inside which prevents spills so perfect for my little J who likes to tip the bottle upside down.

Snack Box

Again this is another that is perfect for us. I actually have so many boxes but I use them all the time. They are just perfect for days out or a visit to friends and family. The box isn't to big either so great for just a sandwich or snack. It will hold the cutlery set too.
Catch It All Bib

We have something very similar to this already but its made of material (like an apron) rather than plastic. The design is so cute and bright but for little J I thought it was a little too young. He also really doesn't like anything round his neck while he is eating we have to hold him down to get his bib on. He wasn't keen on the plastic feel around his neck.
Finished off using some Tesco Loves Toddler Apple scented wipes.
As you will see from the photographs the Tesco Loves Toddler Range comes in variety of colours and designs.
You can view more details around each product by visiting HERE

*we were sent the selection of tesco loves toddler range for a review. All thoughts above are our own*

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  1. Lovely items that seem perfect for little hands, cute and colourful too.



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