Little J Loves His Read Along Woolly

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know we have always been a big fan of Cbeebies and since having little J we have been watching it more and more.
Little J has started to have a few favourites including In The Night Garden and he loves Squidge but he's just started to enjoy Woolly and Tig too. 
When we were sent Read Along With Woolly I knew little J would love him and I wasn't wrong.

As soon as I took him out the box little J just dived on him.

I managed to get him for a minute so I could take a photo.

 Read Along Woolly comes with his own story book and within the story book is symbols that represent a sound. 

When you come to the part in the story with a symbol you look on Woollys leg for the symbol, press it and he will play the sound. 
It's made story time so much more fun for little J and i have been reading the story and getting him to press the correct sound.
Although even with the story book Woolly's leg can just be pressed for fun which little J enjoys too.

And of course he is soft and cuddly for you to snuggle up to or jump on if you are little J.

Woolly has become a firm favourite for bedtime alongside little J's taggy (which is in his mouth)

You can see more of Read Along Woolly in the above video.

Woolly is available from Golden Bear Toys and can be viewed HERE. He is currently priced at £29.99 and is suitable from 10 months +

I also just wanted to mention too that there is currently a Christmas bundle offer on Golden Bear Toys website which offers a 6 Woolly and Tig toys all for £50 which is a bargain. Saving of £53

*we were sent woolly in return for a full honest review. If you choose to buy either of the products i have listed - please note I wil not receive any sort of compensation *


  1. What an adorable toy! My children are all a little bit too old now for such things (but I loved watching In the Night Garden with them when they were younger) :)

  2. awwwwwww this is the cutest thing my goodness! What a cool toy!


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