September Degustabox

This months Degustabox was a great mixture of items. There was a few brands I hadn't heard of before, Little Miracles and Righteous and there were some brands that have appeared in Degustabox before.
There was option this month for non alcoholic or alcoholic products and we received both to try.
As always I am usually last to have a look inside the box as big and little J normally dive right.
 This month was no different and they both jumped on the Bahlsen Pick Up biscuits.
Bahlsen Pick Up Biscuits 
RRP £1.69 per pack of 5
These are delicious and we have tasted them before but not the Black N White flavour which is new. You have two biscuits on top of each other separated by a layer of thick chocolate. The Black N White was cocoa biscuits surrounding white chocolate. As expected these went down well but I prefer the milk chocolate version.
Burts Lentil Waves
RRP £2.07
Avaialble from Waitrose in three flavours, Sour Cream and Chive, thai Sweet Chilli and Lightly salted. We havent tried these yet but I cant wait. They sound and look delicious.
Jordans Simply Granola
RRP £2.69
My mum loves granola so I gave this to her to enjoy. She eats it on its own or with milk and she loves it. These crunchy oats have a hint of honey to add to the flavour.
Crabbies Alcoholic Fruits 
RRP £1.50 (normally sold in 4 packs for £5.99)
We have actually tasted these before. Daddy enjoyed these throughout the summer as they are very light and refreshing and made with upto 10% natural fruit juice. Three flavours to choose from, black cherry, zesty lemon and raspberry and rhubarb which is Daddy's favourite.
Carnation Cook With it.
RRP £3.30
I don't cook with cream so I wasn't too excited about this but after reading that it actually has 68% less fat than single cream i may give it a go. Its made with fresh milk and might be good for my chicken korma.
Crabbies Lemonade
RRP £1.20
This was the non alcohol option and it went in seconds. Big J absolutely loved it. It had a hint of ginger and he is excited to try out other flavour Raspberry.
Little Miracles
RRP £1.59
Like I said earlier I've not heard of Little Miracles before. Its a blend of organic tea and fruit juice. Sweetened with Agave and less than 90 kcals. We've not tried it yet but will be happy to give it a go.
Elizabeth Shaw Dark Chocolate Mint Thins
RRP £2.50
We have received Elizabeth Shaw items before in Degustabox and we have also bought some ourselves. These are absolutely delicious.
Righteous Dressings
RRP £2.19
Made with 100% natural ingredients Righteous have created some lovely salad dressings. Mild English Blue cheese in cider is my favourite out of the three. Very tasty and perfect on my salad. The other flavours were lemon and mustard seed and raspberry and sweet basil. Both very tasty but I did have to pick a fave.
As always you can click on each of the above to get more info and if you want to sign up to Degustabox you can by clicking HERE and as a special treat I have a £3 discount code for you to enter
we were sent Degustabox to try in return for a honest review


  1. Like you, some of those brands I know, some I don't. I do like the sound of the Bahlsen biscuits. Tx

  2. You don't half get a good selection of goodies each month! x

  3. For some reason this box hasn't really appealed to me ... I'm not sure why. It is a good way of trying out new brands and food/drink items though xxx

  4. Oh I haven't heard of this box before. Lots of things in there to try out. Enjoy! x

  5. Oh I love Bahlsen biscuits, I've never heard of this box before. Must check it out as I love subscription boxes :)

  6. I keep seeing reviews for these boxes they look great, what a great way to try new products x

  7. Such a nice selection of goodies....

  8. Loving the look of this months box - the Pick Up biscuits especially! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  9. These seem a good idea ifyou like trying out new things but to be honest I think Im a bit too set in my ways! lol Mich x

  10. This looks great - so many different things to try each month!


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