Blast From the Past - #AngelDelightMoments

When I was younger I always remember Angel Delight being a treat we would have on a Sunday after our roast dinner. My mum would make I and I would eagerly wait for it to set in the fridge. It only took minutes but it felt like forever. 
Sometimes we would have it with jelly which was another after dinner treat.
I don't remember having any other flavours except for strawberry. Maybe strawberry was the only flavour available back then.

Not there are five classic flavours to choose from chocolate, raspberry, butterscotch, banana and strawberry. There is also a no added sugar option in butter witch, chocolate and strawberry.
A new flavour which has been introduced to the classic five is Bubblegum and we have been trying it out. 
Bubblegum is probably big J's favourite flavour in anything. Ice cream, lolly-ices, lollipops anything he can find in that flavour really. 
When I told him angel delight had brought out bubblegum his first words were "can we buy some?"
So today I got our sachet of angel delight and milk and made the new bubblegum flavour. 
We were sent some bubblegum angel delight to try out so I got big j to give me a hand mixing it together.
When you open the packet the flavour is really strong and smells delicious. 
If you have never made angel delight before it is really simple you just add milk and whip. That's it. Pop in the fridge for five minutes and it's done.

After dinner big J and little J gave it a try. They both really enjoyed it.
There are other ways to enjoy angel delight you can make ice lollies, smoothies and milkshakes but big J just wanted to try something different.
He wanted to make angel delight ice cubes? So we poured the mix into the ice cube trays and waited for them to freeze.
Big J enjoyed a glass of milk with angel delight ice cubes. He said it was delicious and definitely worth a try if you are an angel delight fan.
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  1. I use to love this stuff when I was younger may get myself a packet :) xo

  2. Angel Delight was always my favourite! I loved chocolate and butterscotch flavour, will have to get some for old times sake!

  3. I love Angel Delight, just reminds me of being a kid; I am looking forward to trying out the bubblegum flavour x x x

  4. Love the creativity and the great photos. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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