No More Stinky Smells

When little J was born I was actually overwhelmed with what you can buy for babies these days. It was so long since we had big J that I actually forgot how much stuff a little one needs. On top of all the 'must haves' we did get a little carried away with buying stuff we didn't actually need. 
Not once did it cross my mind to buy a nappy bin. I'm not sure why but I didn't actually think we would need one. Since having one for just a week I realised that a) We did need one and b) We should have got one from day one.
We were given the chance to review the Tomee Tippee Nappy Disposal System and like I said I had never thought we needed one so I wanted to give it a go.
The nappy bin comes in two new colours, pink and blue and are exclusive to Mothercare. I chose blue for my monkey.
When it arrived it was smaller than I imagined and was a nice soft baby blue. It was already set up and ready to use in the box but I'm not sure whether all bins come like that. If not there was a step by step guide on how to get it ready and it does seem quite easy to fit the nappy bag refill. I will need to refer back to it when its time to refill the nappy sacks.
So its not rocket science really what the nappy disposal system does, basically your little one does a stinky and you pop it in the bin. It is however quite clever so let me explain.
You pop the nappy in the bin which is lined with a nappy sack.
Once the nappy is in the bin you need to twist the outside wheel which is grey with a little handle to grasp.

As you twist in a clockwise direction you will see the nappy sack start to close with the nappy inside.

Once you have have turned the wheel clockwise in a 360 degree turn the sack should be completely closed.

Then all you need to do is close the lid. This then pushes the nappy and sack down in the bin.

When you open the lid again a new fresh nappy sack is waiting for the next nappy.

I thought the nappy would just fall to the bottom of the bin but it doesn't it hangs onto the fresh nappy sack and so on. It reminds me of a string of sausages. 

The nappy bin came with a free refill which is just a cartridge which like I said earlier seems easy to fit.

So that's it. Very simple but very useful and easy to use. 

There is a  list of key features on the website HERE but a few points to mention are

The system holds 28 nappies at any one time (based on size 1). I can't imagine letting it fill up with that many nappies though.

The system comes with a nappy cassette pre loaded.

The Blue and Pink version are exclusive to Mothercare at the moment and are currently priced at £15.50 although it does say original RRP is £31 so if you are wanting to buy one I would suggest sooner rather than later as the price may go back up. This does include two refills.

For more information you can visit Tommee Tippee HERE

I am really pleased with the nappy disposal system. It has saved me going back and forth to the bin and there has been no nasty smells lingering since we have been using it so I would definitely give it a Mummy2Monkeys thumbs up.

*we were sent the nappy disposal system to review in return for a honest review. all the thoughts and opinions above are my own*


  1. I had something similar when my son was born. This looks a great way of dealing with nappies without the smell of putting them in a bin.

    1. Yeah, I can't believe how we have survived without it for so long x

  2. This looks great! I am going to let my brother know, as he has a new born and I think this would help them.

  3. I'm reviewing this at the mo - I also use the phrase string of sausages lol! :-)

  4. It looks a great idea, there was nothing fancy like this when my kids were little x

  5. My best mommy friend has one of these and absolutely loves it! Great review!

  6. I never had a nappy bin, but on occasion it would have been great and would have saved me from shouting to husband to quickly grab a carrier bag for a stinky, dirty nappy!

    1. Haha. It's so much easier than running the bin all the time x

  7. I've never had one of these although I looked at them before my eldest was born. We decided on cotton nappies in the end and they saw us through two children. With number three we use a combination of disposables and cotton, but the disposables go straight in the outside bin.

    1. I never thought of trying cloth but my friend did and she prefers it


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