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We all want to see our children do well in school however there may be times when their performance slips and their grades being to fall. This can be caused by a simple lack of motivation; however it is important not to ignore poor performance at school, as the issue could be something more serious such as a learning difficulty or bullying.

If you have noticed a decline in your child’s academic performance, it is important to address the issue as soon as possible. Here are some helpful tips from St Hilda’s School on what to do if your child is performing poorly at school.

Firstly it is vital that you to talk to your child and try to understand what could be causing the issue. Ask them how they feel about school and if they are having any difficulties with their work. Are they having any problems with friends or teachers? Let them know that you want to help and that you are always there to listen.

It is also important to speak to your child’s teachers. They may have also noticed that your child is having difficulties and you will be able to work together to help them. If a learning disability is suspected they will be able to provide guidance and support and may even be able to offer an assessment to identify the issue.

Make homework a part of your family’s everyday routine and be there to offer help if your child needs it. It is also a great idea to make a dedicated space for your child to study. This space should be quiet and comfortable and away from any distractions, such as the television or younger family members.

Be sure to praise your child’s efforts and try not to be too hard on them if they do not achieve the grades you expected. Anger and frustration will only cause your child to feel like a disappointment and push them further away. Instead it is important to discuss where your child struggled and how you can help them to improve.


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