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We are so lucky to be able to say that both boys have never been 'naughty' in school to the point were we have had to be called in. Although the oldest would deny it now they both are really happy at school and enjoy it. They have never not wanted to attend. We have always made sure that the boys know just how important school is and that they should try to be as good as they can be while they are there.

Teaching your children to respect school can help them to succeed academically. Brampton College have a few ideas on how you can help your child to respect school rules.

The first step towards teaching your child to respect school rules is to ensure they understand what respect means and the difference between respectful and disrespectful behaviour. It is important to demonstrate respectful behaviour at home and to teach your child to always be respectful to others.

Teaching your child how to speak to teachers and fellow students will help them to make friends and gain a favourable reputation at their school. Teach your child to always speak to others as they wish to be spoken to and stress that in the classroom it is particularly important to speak politely and to never use unacceptable language.

Behaviour is another important factor in school rules. Again you should teach your children to behave respectfully and to treat others as they wish to be treated. In the classroom they should always listen to their teacher and do as they are asked, without argument.

School rules often include instructions on how to treat school property and how to respect the environment. Children should understand that they must never cause damage to school property and they should always put rubbish into bins and follow the school’s recycling rules. It is essential that they take pride in their school environment and want to play a part in keeping it clean and safe.

Teach your children to value their own learning and success. They should demonstrate this by being on time to school, working to the best of their ability, completing homework and asking for help if they need it.

Lastly, when teaching your children to respect school rules, it is vital that they understand the importance of creating a positive learning environment. They should always listen to and value other people’s ideas and opinions.

I think it is important to teach your child right from the beginning of their school journey just how important school is. Do you have any little ones starting school this September? Do they understand just how important school is?


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