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a garden
My Mum and Dad have always been keen gardeners and growing up I think they secretly wished that I would have green fingers too but unfortunately not. I couldn't think of anything worse than sticking my hands in soil and mud and don't even get me started on all those bugs. As I got older my thoughts on gardens and gardening did change and I can understand why people enjoy it so much.

When we moved in to our new house it reminded me of a witches cottage. There was moss and vines over the house and the garden was fully overgrown. Luckily my Mum and Dad could see past what I saw and knew it wouldn't be like that for long.

a garden
10 years of hard work and commitment has changed the overgrown, dingy looking garden in to this beautiful green space. We have had no help from gardeners, designers or landscapers just my Mum and Dad's vision of what a beautiful garden looks like and their passion for gardening. 

When I sit in the garden I feel like I could be anywhere in the world. It's peaceful, quiet and secluded from everyone. 

a garden
There is nothing better than opening the patio doors and looking out on a garden that makes you instantly feel happy and ready to start the day. 

We all get so much from the garden. I enjoy sitting out there watching the boys play. My Mum has made sure that everything that is planted is safe for the boys. There is nothing that they cannot touch. My Mum loves the ferns as they are like sculptures and my Dad loves watching the trees blow in the breeze.

a garden
 In Spring little J plants lots of seeds with my Mum and is so enthusiastic about watching them grow. In Summer we have lots of water fights out there and plenty of football. In Autumn, Dad will let off fireworks and we will enjoy a Bonfire night party and in Winter we love looking out for and house lots of local wildlife that we have attracted from the nearby park. There is a hedgehog that visits each day and the boys love watching him as he wanders round. Looking out on a garden that you have created yourself brings so much joy. No matter what the season we all get lots of enjoyment from the garden.

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