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Disclosure - I am a Get Out And Grow Ambassador and I have been compensated for my time.

Grow a sunflower
You may remember that this year I have posted a few times about my collaborations with Get Out and Grow and Sudocrem. The idea behind Get Out and Grow really appeals to me as I love the idea of giving children the opportunity to step away from the screens and enjoy the outdoors. Gardening is such a lovely way to spend time together and we have enjoyed lots of growing in my Mums back garden this year so far.

Anyone would have thought Jack had learned his lesson after that beanstalk and giant hoo-hah.…not so. This summer he’s more into massive plants than ever before! And he’s calling on mums and dads and children all over the nation to get involved in growing an enormous sunflower for his collection. Yes, Jack’s gone mad for those yellow, heliotropic beauties that’ve come to mean sun glorious sun for anyone who claps eyes on them across the land. 

They’re easy to grow and they’re impressive – it’s not every day that your children get to see something grow from a stripy black and white seed to bigger than them in a matter of months. They’re a good lure for insects and bees to your garden and after they’re finished, you can dry them and eat the seeds: tick, tick and double-tick. It’s a great way to make gardening and the natural world interesting to your children, sure, but also, who can resist a little competitive sunflower-growing between well-meaning family members?

This summer holiday, we Get Out and Grow ambassadors would like to stir up some friendly sunflower-rivalry between mums, dads, kids and ourselves. We have created a friendly competition called ‘Jack and the Giant Sunflower’ or #jackandthegiantsunflower to those of you on instagram.

We would love for you to get involved and win in with our competition.


Post a photo of your sunflower next to your proud little (or big) gardener on instagram

Use the hashtags #getoutandgrow, #sudocrem #jackandthegiantsunflower

Tag anyone else you’d think would like to be involved for a chance to win


A mural for your children’s school – chosen by Sudocrem,

A bespoke sunflower t-shirt – chosen by me, as well as Jack’s giant seal of approval.

If you need any last minute Sunflower-growing tips then check below. 

Plant your champions in separate pots and give them plenty of room to reach their potential.

Grow them somewhere with as much sun as possible – and we mean LOTS OF SUN!!!

 Against a south-facing brick wall can create nice little heat trap for your champions to grow up big and strong.

Sunflowers are thirsty beasts and they need to be watered on a daily basis. So, keep that soil moist and set your children the task of monitoring water levels.

Good luck and I am really looking forward to seeing those Sunflowers. 


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