Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Our Family Fortnight | Back To Work and School

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The past two weeks have just been about us getting back in to our routine of work and school. January really dragged last year and seemed to last for ages however this year January has really flown by. I actually cannot believe it's February in a few days. Here is some of the things we got up to on our family fortnight.

There has been a change in the weather these past few weeks and it has gone from being quite cold to freezing. We have had a few flurries of snow which unfortunately didn't stick and just turned to sleet and also one very icy day. The temperature in my car was -3 degrees and the roads were so slippy. I do love the snow so fingers crossed we get to actually build a snowman this year so I can tick it off our bucket list.

You may have read my post last week that I treated myself to the Dumbo Soft Toy and Mug from Disney's new collection series, Wisdom. He is so cute and I am really looking forward to collecting the full set throughout the year.

Little J has been playing with his Disney Cars this past week. I was surprised by how many names he had forgotten considering he used to play with them every day. He really struggled with the names and only knew Lightning McQueen which made me quite sad. I think I will have to put the Cars films on our movie playlist over the next few weeks.

This popped up on my Facebook timeline this week and I knew I had to get tickets for my Mum. She loves John Barrowman so as a special treat for her anniversary she will be going to see him on tour. She does know about it as I had to tell her just incase she decided to buy some herself, she did try but he was sold out. It's fair to say she is very very excited. 

John and I enjoyed a lovely date night. We decided on Indian and it was delicious. I'm not adventurous when it comes to curries so I went for a Chicken Korma and Pilau Rice. John had Chicken Tikka Masala. It was nice to be out just the two of us, the first time since Christmas. 

What else have we been up to this fortnight?

Big J has had mock exams so he has been doing lots of studying. He also had one week of work experience and went in to little J's school. He absolutely loved it and I think he may be considering a career as a teacher because of it.

Little J has been enjoying his football training, coaching and matches. He goes 3 times a week now and I can see him improving every time he plays. 

We have celebrated 3 birthdays this week. Both grandads celebrate their birthday in January and little J's friend had a birthday party. 

What have we got planned next fortnight?

Little J has another birthday party invite.
We will also be celebrating a relatives birthday.
We will be celebrating Chinese New Year too.

Do you have any plans this fortnight?



  1. It looks like you've had a busy couple of weeks. I love that Dumbo after seeing it on your blog last week!

  2. It sounds like you've had a nice busy fortnight!

  3. LOVELY weeks for you all - lots of fun

  4. I hope you get your snow 🤞 we had -28 at one point but it’s a little warmer now at -7!😂

  5. sun fun things coming up, and I think John Barrowman is FABULOUS!! Ha. We are looking forward to half-term as we're going to Disney x

  6. How lovely that you booked tickets for your mum to see John Barrowman, I hope she has a fab time.
    I can't believe we are nearly into February, this month has fled by! x

  7. It certainly has been freezing, we had snow overnight which settled. I must admit I have found January to drag on a bit. The date night you had sounded lovely.

  8. What a nice January you’ve had, that dumbo is gorgeous and I didn’t realise John barrowman was touring - that will be a good night! It’s so strange to think it’s almost February.

  9. Sounds like a busy, but content, fortnight you've had! It's nice to get out together with our spouses on occasion, isn't it.

  10. It's sounds like a great 2 weeks. We love Indian recipes and Korma is my favourite. I like the Dumbo mug and I only know two names from the cars movie! Ha Ha! I need to brush up on that!

  11. So glad you got to have a lovely Indian meal and having a date night, it's really hard when you have kids isn't it. We only have a date night when we travel to see our family down south once a month!

  12. You have a had a lovely couple of weeks, I can't believe it is February tomorrow. We are counting down to half term! Kaz

  13. That curry looks good! It’s sad when they forget things they were once obsessed with

  14. looks like you have been very busy

  15. You have been very busy. I love a Indian korma is also my favourite

  16. Glad you got to enjoy a date night! I’d choose curry too :) I’ve been working really hard to get some orders the last 2 weeks after being sick with the flu at the beginning of Jan. I’m looking forward to February being germ free ������������

  17. Oh the curry looks good - I'm the same never very adventurous when it comes to curry! I love a Korma or a tikka though :) I think January has flown by too, I hope February does to to be honest as I'm ready for Spring now. x

  18. I love John Barrowman too, shame he isn't coming anywhere near us

  19. I love this style of post and looking over the last two weeks looks like fun!


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