Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making Of Harry Potter Review

We were so lucky last week to visit the Warner Brothers Studio - The Making of Harry Potter tour. This was our second visit and we all seemed to enjoy it so much more this time. If you are a Harry Potter fan then this is definitely the place to visit.

The tour is self guided and usually takes around 3 hours. When you book your ticket you are given a time. Our slot was between 12-12:30 but we joined the queue a little early about 11:30 however as the queue was quite big we didn't actually begin till after 12pm.

Once you enter the tour you are put in a room as a large group. There are video screens and you hear all about how the Harry Potter movies became such a huge hit overnight. Once you have watched the video you then go into a screening room, again in a large group. You watch a short video featuring Daniel, Emma and Rupert. Once the video has finished the screen goes up and the door to The Great Hall is there. The door opens and the Great Hall is just as you see it in the film. Your tour starts here and you can now go at your own pace.

At the end of the Great Hall you can see all the teacher costumes from the movies and as Harry Potter is celebrating 15 years since the first movie the original sorting hat was on show too.

As you move around the tour you can view all the original sets, costumes and props that featured in the movies. My favourites are the Great Hall, the boys room, the potions classroom and the chamber of secrets door.

As you walk around there are staff on hand to answer any questions you may have and also offering you the chance to earn badges to take home.

Little J took part in the broomstick challenge. Hover your hand over the broom to make it rise up, just like in the flying lesson in the first movie.

Also you have the chance to catch a Hogwarts letter through the letterbox just like Harry.

There is a chance to ride a broomstick or ride in Ron's car in front of a green screen. You can then purchase a photograph or video to take home. Photos are £14 and £7 for every extra photo you buy. We sat in Ron's car.

Last time we visited the Hogwarts Express wasn't there but this time it was open. It was really exciting to turn the corner and see the red train at the platform. This part of the tour is definitely my favourite. The platform feels so real, you can go onboard the train, visit the railway shop and even hold Harry's trolley.

We spent a hour just visiting the platform. It does feel very magical and lots of fun.

Once we had finished on platform 9 and 3/4 you come to the backlot cafe. Time to take a break and have a drink and something to eat. We had brought a packed lunch which is okay to do as lots of tables both inside and out.

The outside part of the tour has the night bus, no.4 Privet Drive, the Hogwarts bridge and Hagrid's motorbike.

For the first time no.4 Privet Drive is open to the public for a short time only.

You can see Harry's cupboard under the stairs and the Dursley's front room.

The next part of the tour features Diagon Alley. You can walk up the cobbled street and see Gringotts, Olivanders and Fred and George's Joke Shop.

The last part of the tour is the huge Hogwarts Castle. The photographs do not do it justice. It is really breathtaking.

A visit to the Harry Potter tour wouldn't be complete without visit to the gift shop and the purchase of a chocolate frog.

We also bought a special souvenir to take home too. Dumbledores Army scroll and 6 wands. Absolutely stunning.

As mentioned before the tour is self guided and can take at least 3 hours probably more if you stop for refreshments and spend a hour in the shop like us.

You can visit The Making of Harry Potter throughout the year but if you check online you can see if special events are happening when you visit. I would love to see Hogwarts in the snow which starts in November.

Have you visited Harry Potter tour? What was your favourite part?

*we received free entry into the Harry Potter tour - All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own*


  1. Wow very cool! I didn't even know this was out there to visit. How amazing to see the original costumes and props too. Sounds like an amazing visit :D

  2. Great review and great pics. The children always enjoy the gift shops as much as the events we take them to.

  3. Looks amazing
    Need to visit here soon

  4. Sounds like you had a great day out. Lots to do. My kids aren't into Harry Potter yet but I'm sure they will be, so it's good to know about this.

  5. Fantastic review, I'd like to take my kids later in the year

  6. One of the places we want to go and visit. Heard lots of good things


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