Make Your Own Christmas Book Advent Calendar

You may have seen our post recently about Advent Calendar's for kids who don't like chocolate. We included lots of alternatives but there was one advent calendar that we didn't include and it's one we have each year - Our make your own Christmas Stories Advent Calendar.  I look forward to make this each year and it's very simple and little J loves it. He loves books whether it is trying to read them himself or a bedtime story and having a book advent calendar is a perfect treat to open just before bedtime. 

Wrapped Books
Christmas books
How To Make Your Own Book Advent Calendar

Making the advent calendar is very simple all you need is
24 Christmas or Winter Stories
Wrapping Paper
Sticky Labels numbered 1-24

Once you have the 24 books all you need to do is wrap them up and number them with the sticky labels from 1-24. Pop them in a box or tub and place in your child's bedroom. 

Each night once their  bedtime routine is finished they can open up a story to read before bed.

Christmas Books
The best thing about making your own Christmas Book Advent Calendar is you do not need to buy 24 new books each year. Most of the books we use are from previous years but as we only get them out at Christmas time little J still gets excited as he can't remember most of them so it's like a new story. 

Christmas Books
As the years have gone by we have added a few new stories to his advent calendar as he may be too old for some of the books he previously had but the majority he's had for years. 

Christmas time is so special and this is a lovely way to read about Winter and Christmas before bedtime to add to the excitement.

Christmas Books
You can always add some little treats to the advent calendar too. Maybe a pack of cookies to enjoy with a glass of milk or a chocolate coin.

I like to start with a few Winter Stories for the first few nights and then build up to the Christmas stories and I always make sure 'The Night Before Christmas' is numbered '24' so we can read it together on Christmas Eve. 

Have you created your own book advent calendar? If you are looking for some inspiration I have added our favourites here. 

Do you have any Christmas books? What are your favourites?

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