Horrible Histories - Horrible Christmas Book Giveaway

We have been reading Horrible Histories - Horrible Christmas Book and it's a Horrible Histories version of Christmas with all the nasty bits left in. This hugely entertaining festive edition is stuffed full of strangely interesting facts and gruesome tales from days of Christmas past. From pantos and Christmas characters to foul food and curious festive customs, Rattus guides you through with the usual one-liners - it's a cracker! Learn about silly Santa's, spooks and spirits, why making a Christmas pudding used to be a crime and even how to get rid of carol singers. Full of dreadful jokes, rotten recipes and even a Christmas quiz to cheer up the family Scrooge.

Horrible Histories- Horrible Christmas Book
I've teamed up with Wicked Uncle to give away a copy of Horrible Histories - Horrible Christmas book and to enter is simple. All you need to do is complete the entry form below and keep checking back for bonus chances to win.

Good Luck

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  1. love horrible histories - H loves finding out about gross stuff in history (she was fascinated by the fact that in the US the woman wore skirts weighed down with ball bearings and would often wee as they stood as there were no toilets on the wagon trains!)

  2. Fantastic Prize 😀 keeping my fingers crossed 🤞

  3. I’d love to introduce my 7 year old son to horrible histories

  4. I’d love to introduce my 7 year old son to Horrible Histories

  5. My son and I would both really enjoy reading these.

  6. Even these days the boys will delve into a HH book to try to gross each other out


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