November 2020 - Looking Back

November was a very strange month, pretty much like the rest of the year really but we have spent most of it in lockdown although unlike March we have been allowed to go to school and work. So whilst it hasn't felt like it did last time we have still obeyed the rules and kept to just the four of us but we have had a lovely time enjoying time at home and winter walks at the weekend. 

Boys wellies
Two boys lying on a large inflatable
Before lockdown kicked in, we began the month still on half term break so whilst I had to return to work little J had a bonus day off which he spent with John and his friend.

boy holding a pencil writing christmas list
Little J wanted to write his Christmas list and get it sent off to the North Pole. This year he has asked for a gaming chair and Fifa 21 from Santa. He also would like something in his stocking. 

As all the non essential shops have closed we have been trying to buy most of our presents online and supporting small local businesses too. 

Little J did a small play in school about Noah and the Ark. Unfortunately we were unable to go in and watch however we did get to watch it later that day online. It was so lovely and little J had a speaking part which was so nice. 

two boys walking over sand dunes
We enjoyed a lovely walk at The Red Squirrel Reserve in Formby. Although it was quite a wet day we all really enjoyed it and we even got to head over the sand dunes to the beach for some fresh sea air. 

pudsey t-shirt
We helped raise money for Children in Need by wearing our Pudsey T-shirts and ears. 

Big J is still doing the majority of his university course online which isn't ideal but at least he is safe at home. He has been in a few times now and one time was to do art which is his worst subject but he did really well.

Our wellies have had lots of wear over the past month as it has been so wet but because of all the rain we have enjoyed lots of rainbows. 

snow white jigsaw
Harry Potter jigsaw
I finally finished my Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs puzzle. It has taken me so long but I got there in the end and it was worth the wait. I love it. I've now moved on to my next puzzle 'Harry Potter'

Christmas lights at Albert dock
The Christmas Lights have popped up at the Albert Dock so we headed there for an evening stroll. It was so nice to wrap up warm and enjoy the lights. 

man and boy walking through woods
Another day out, this time at Speke Hall Estate and Gardens and we all really enjoyed it. It's another National Trust and it has made us consider getting National Trust memberships as we are really enjoying the days out.

Mickey Mouse christmas bedding
We haven't put our Christmas decorations up yet but we have bought new Christmas PJ's and Christmas bedding. 

boy on a bike
Due to the lockdown little J's grassroots football has completely stopped so he has been enjoying bike rides with John instead in his spare time. He is really enjoying it but I know if he could he would choose football over anything but for now it's bike rides.

The new tier system was announced last week and it seems most of the country are in tier 2 and 3. For us it just means nothing much has changed and we will just continue how we are anyway until it changes. I am a little anxious as to what Christmas will look like but I know we will try and make it special and fun as much as we possibly can for the boys.


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