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This year was meant to be a happy year for us, more happy than any normal year. We had two big birthdays to celebrate, a milestone wedding anniversary and big J's new adventure at university. Unfortunately we never got to really celebrate the birthdays or our anniversary and big J's university experience is not what it should be. His university course is mainly taught by zoom and online so we have had to make adaptations to his room to make sure he has an adequate space to study.

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Ensuring your child has a great place to study at home can help to make homework more fun, improve their ability to concentrate and generally just motivate them to learn. A private school in West Sussex have prepared the following advice to help parents set up a comfortable and practical study space for their children….

Start by making sure your child’s study environment is different to their relaxation space. For instance, they should not be doing their homework on their lap in the lounge, as they won’t be able to concentrate. If you’re fortunate enough to have a spare room, this would be a great place for a study spot. However, not everyone has this kind of room in their house, but regardless of where you set up your child’s study space, it should be as free from distractions as possible. 

Make sure the desk area is clean and tidy, otherwise they will be too busy focussing on the mess, rather than their schoolwork. You might need to invest in some shelving or storage boxes to help you keep the clutter to a minimum. The space should also be equipped with all of the relevant study tools, including books, stationery, and anything else they might need. You don’t want them to waste time looking for a missing ruler when they could be engaging in valuable learning activities. You should even make sure your child takes a glass of water and a healthy snack to their study space with them before they begin so that they can stay alert, energised and hydrated. 

Consider the lighting in the space. Natural lighting is preferable but if this is not possible, especially in the darker, winter months, make sure there is a decent lamp in the study area. Without appropriate lighting, your child is more likely to suffer from eye strain and headaches, which is not only unpleasant, but it will also make it harder for your child to do their work. Encourage regular breaks as another way to help your child avoid any aches and pains.

Make sure there are some strict rules in place where the study environment is concerned. For example, there should be no mobile phones or other digital devices in the room, unless required for the homework. Ask your child’s teachers if they have any more suggestions when it comes to preparing the perfect study space for your child.


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