20+ Advent Calendars For Kids Who Don't Like Chocolate

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Advent Calendars have moved on so much since the days of cheap chocolate chunks behinds the numbered doors. You can get advent calendars for everything nowadays and I have gathered our favourite advent calendars for kids who don't like chocolate.

Hot Wheels Advent Calendar
This Hot Wheels Advent Calendar will delight kids of all ages. There are eight decorated hot wheels vehicles and sixteen accessories for every day leading up to the big day. The Hot Wheels Advent Calendar now includes a foldout playmat for kids to play with their new hot wheels vehicles and accessories.

Polly Pocket Advent Calendar
The Polly Pocket Advent calendar is a winter wonderland full of 25 holiday surprises. Count down the festive season on day one, then open a surprise gift daily for the next 24 days. 
Play out the snowy storytelling fun with micro surprises including fun Polly Pocket dolls, dwellings, animals, vehicles and more (micro dolls can fit in and interact with some of the accessories).

​Create a fun holiday display with the packaging featuring a snowy holiday scene!

Crayola Advent Calendar
24 daily activities to keep you in the festive spirit right up to the big day. Open each door to find a fun activity and a cool Crayola tool to complete it.
Paw Patrol Advent Calendar
24 gifts to discover. The Paw Patrol Advent Calendar is a fun way to get ready for the festive season. Packed with 24 exclusive presents, there’s a different special gift for kids to open up each day. Behind each door is a small festive-themed Paw Patrol collectible! Kids can uncover their favourite pups dressed up for the festive season, a sleigh, presents, play pieces and more.
LOL Advent Calendar
This LOL surprise advent calendar is a must have for all lol dolls fans this christmas! The charm bracelet advent calendar is the perfect pre-christmas gift for girls and features some of the most popular dolls from the born to rock collection. Open a new door each day from 1st December to reveal a new surprise and wear it with pride during the day. 

Hatchimals Advent calendar
Unfold the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Advent Calendar to discover a winter scene right out of Hatchtopia! With over 50 surprises to discover, you can build up your Christmas scene each day! It’s the classic Christmas tradition with a Hatchimals twist.
Disney Cars Advent Calendar
​Count down to Christmas and a complete play set with the Disney and Pixar Cars Holiday advent calendar. ​For 24 days in a row, Cars lovers will start each day excited to find out what Cars-themed surprise is next. Set includes five vehicles based on Cars fan-favourite characters. ​Look for fun storytelling pieces like racing flags, stacks of tires, a road cone, a racing trophy and more.
Thomas & Friends Advent Calendar
Countdown to Christmas with this Thomas & Friends Advent Calendar. Open a window every day to discover a surprise toy, each miniature push-along train is styled to look like a Thomas & Friends character. The Advent Calendar ​comes with 24 minis train engines, including 6 exclusive holiday-themed toys.

Schleich Advent Calendar
In the Schleich Horse Club 2020 advent calendar, the vet uses her stethoscope to examine the Trakehner mare and foal before the big horse show Christmas celebration, and has good news: the horses are healthy and can take part in the competition!.The little cat family, the rabbit and the squirrel are also happy to hear it. As they nibble on delicious apples, carrots and lettuce from the basket and bowl, they look curiously on as the horses are groomed with the hoof pick and massage brush. Thanks to the colourful horse blanket and the pretty head collar, they are ready for the big event.

Star Wars Advent Calendar
Countdown to the holiday season with fan favourite characters from the Star Wars Galaxy! Open a new window each day to reveal a surprise Micro Force figure to add to any Star Wars collection. Celebrate the holidays with 4 exclusive holiday-themed Star Wars Micro Force mini action figures, including BB8 and Wicket the Ewok. The Micro Force Advent Calendar includes 24 small-scale, squishable figures from the Star Wars Galaxy as well as 7 exclusive stickers for kids to collect. The Star Wars Micro Force Advent Calendar package folds down to reveal a Star Wars holiday-themed backdrop for instant galactic play. The Star Wars Micro Force Advent Calendar holiday display makes a great gift for boys and girls ages 4 and up.

Harry Potter Advent Calendar
Celebrate Christmas in the Wizarding World with this magical LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar. Behind each of the 24 doors is a different toy or figure from the Harry Potter series. As the big day gets closer, kids can recreate Hogwarts holiday scenes – including the amazing Yule Ball.
Kelloggs Advent Calendar
Wake Up Every Morning In The Build Up To Christmas To Your Favourite Kellogg's Cereal Bars. The First and Only Cereal Bar Advent Calendar includes 24 x Cereal Bars and Strawberry Pop Tarts For Christmas Day. Bars Include - Frosties, Coco Pops, Rice Krispies, Rice Krispies Squares Caramel and Chocolate and Chocolatey.

Hogwarts Advent calendar
The 2020 Harry Potter advent calendar is the perfect pre-xmas gift idea for all Harry Potter fans, especially if they love to collect jewellery, hair accessories and fun stationery. Open a new window each day from 1st December to reveal a new surprise, each one with a touch of magic! A must have for all Gryffindor fans this Xmas.

Premier League Advent Calendar
Official Premier League Adrenalyn XL Trading Cards. Over 450 Trading Cards To Collect!. All 20 Premier League Clubs To Collect. QR code in each packet unlocks a digital packet. Contains: x22 Packets PLUS x2 Limited Edition Cards.

Hogwarts Calendar
Make every day leading up to Christmas even more magical with this wonderful 24-day Harry Potter Advent Calendar. This fantastic advent calendar includes a piece of Harry Potter memorabilia behind every door that's sure to please lovers of both the books and the movies. Opening a door could reveal anything from a set a of playing cards, gadget decals, various notebooks, pencils and erasers to make your Christmas even more memorable. When Christmas is over, the calendar turns into a cool door hanger that says 'Gone to Hogwarts'. The calendar also contains a Harry Potter Wand Pen which is in the exact design of Harry's own wand from the movies.

Rock Advent calendar
With 24 windows to open every day before Christmas, the month of December will be full of surprises. Real fossils include Prehistoric shark teeth, gastropods, ammonites, clams, brachiopods, and more. The included magnifying glass, full-color learning guide, and identification sheet will help you to sort and identify every rock, gemstone, mineral, and fossil in the collection.
Pringles advent calendar
Crisp lovers everywhere, prepare to be amazed. There's a tub of Pringles behind every door on this unique advent calendar, perfect for those who prefer savoury over sweet. With one of 4 classic flavours behind each door, the countdown to Christmas has never been this exciting.

Swizzles Sweet Factory
Every door and window of the freestanding festive Swizzels Sweet Factory contains a delightfully sweet treat to be savoured by the young, or young at heart.  It makes a perfect pre-Christmas gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Doritos Advent Calendar
Doritos advent calendar includes 25 Doritos surprises making it the perfect festive countdown for Christmas 2020 with a full sized single 40 g pack of Doritos behind each door

With this advent calendar you can celebrate the 'days of Christmas' with Doritos tortilla chips instead of chocolate.

Barratts Advent calendar
For those with a sweet tooth the Barratt Retro Sweet Advent Calendar is the perfect choice with 24 doors to open filled with Fruit Salad, Black Jack, Wham Bars and more. 

Haribo Advent Calendar
Start your Christmas countdown with HARIBO and 24 windows that are hiding a merry mix of little treats. Themed, fun and perfect for those looking for an alternative to the traditional chocolate calendar.
This tasty advent calendar brings together HARIBO favourites from across the world with Tropifrutti, Goldbears and MAOAM includes seasonal mini bags and themed jellies. Look out for Santa’s boot, a red hatted reindeer and gold star topped Christmas tree!

As you can see there are so many Advent Calendars to choose from. Which one is your favourite?

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  1. Wow so many different kinds! I absolutely LOVE that advent calendars have taken off and aren't just chocolate now - it makes December so exciting. My daughter has her eye on the Harry Potter ones :)

  2. A great selection. I found a Disney one this year which has books in it, all for the bargain price of £9.99 I was really impressed with it.

  3. I want ALL the food ones!! A bag of Doritos a day keeps the doctor away!

    Some brilliant choices here, it’s probably the last thing I need to buy for us now, must pull my finger out x

  4. There really is something for everyone! My eldest son is a total Potterhead so he would adore all the Harry Potter calendars. I think I'd go for the Pringles one haha!

  5. My children literally crowded over the computer to go through each of these advent calendar. In fact they wanted all of them. My son's favourite is Hot Wheels Calendar while my daughter loved the Hatchimal one. It is time to go online shopping now for these!

  6. A Polly Pocket advent calendar? I would have absolutely LOVED that as a kid, I adored playing with those sets so it's fab to see them still going! What an amazing collection though, so much to choose from! Sim x

  7. Oh wow that is a fab range of calendars. We have tried some Lego style ones in the past but have gone for chocolate this year lol

  8. Love the National Geographic calendar, wish I'd seen this earlier as my daughter would have loved it.

  9. I do love how advent calendars have come a long way and I think it's more value for money as the little stuff will last longer than chocolates. Such a huge variety here.

  10. These calendars look great. My son would love the Paw Patrol one. The Harry Potter ones would be great for my daughters.

  11. Wow. In my day you opened a door and got excited about a picture of an angel - now... Doritos! We’ve already bought little man the Thomas one but I am sure he’ll get chocolate ones sent from grannies!

  12. Wow there really are so many different non chocolate advent calendars around now! I'm tempted to pick up a couple for sure.

  13. Mellissa Williams23 November 2020 at 22:11

    It is amazing just how many different types of advent calendars you can get now - there really is something for everyone!

  14. My daughter would love that Polly Pocket one in fact I didn't know there was one. Going to buy that now!

  15. Wow so many amazing advent calendars. I keep seeing the pringles one around and it looks pretty cool. I'd have loved the polly pocket one when I was a kid x

  16. Oh my gosh so many many ideas here. We have a sweeties one and a candle one. Like the look of the pringles one, my hubby would love that x

  17. Why have I not seen these advent before!? love all the Harry Potter ones and also the hot wheels and Hatchimals ones look really great!

  18. I had no idea there were so many different types of advent calendar!! My kids are happy just with the chocolate ones but it’s good to know there are so many other options out there xx

  19. Wow!! What a collection of different advents. There are so many to choose from . The girls have the haribo one and a Playmobil one this year


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