Our Sunday Photo #2 - Tightening The Purse Strings

14 January 2018

January is my least favourite month because nothing good happens in January. Christmas has been and gone, you usually feel the need to diet after over indulging at Christmas and money is tight due to over spending. This month we definitely need to tighten our purse strings so we have been opting for winter walks and staying away from January sales. To be honest the last two weekends have been lovely we visited Tatton Park last week, and today we fed the ducks and little J rode his scooter around the park. Days like today don't cost anything but are so much fun. It's nice to cut back every now and then and it's good to remember that most children just need a large open space to run around in with their ball, bike or scooter and days like that usually come free.



  1. Going to the park is a good idea to have fun and to get fit and healthy for free.

  2. Anything thats free and fun gets my seal of approval


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