What Are Your #LovelyMoments?

I have just been reading about Swizzels and how they would like the nation to share their #LovelyMoments for the chance to win a dream day. I suppose owning my own blog I already do share my #LovelyMoments with you all already but if I could pick just one moment from my life I wouldn't know which one to pick. 
Obviously having my two boys is a truly lovely and unforgettable moment but also was marrying my husband. I've decided to trawl through old photos and blog posts to share my top 5 #LovelyMoments with you all. (unfortunately I couldn't narrow it down any further than that) but if you want to enter the Swizzels #LovelyMoments you will have to choose just one of your own. 

My Top 5 #LovelyMoments

1. The day big J was born.

I have to put big J's birth at the top of my list and not because I love him more than his brother but he was my first born and there is something very special about that. It was the beginning of our new life together as a family.

2. The day little J was born.

The day little J was born, we felt a little miracle had happened. After having so much trouble with my fertility and then losing our two angel daughters, we felt absolutely blessed and complete, the day little J entered the world.

3. Marrying John

After being engaged for 10 years I didn't ever think this day would come, but it did and it was one of my happiest days ever. John and I married in New York City and it was my dream come true. 

4. The first time I saw the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris.

If you read my blog you will know we are big Disney fans and Disney means everything to us. The first time I walked up main street in Disneyland Paris and saw the castle is definitely worthy of one of my #LovelyMoments.

5. Seeing my boys play with each other despite their 11 year age gap

I honestly couldn't ask for more from big J when it comes to being with his little brother. He is so caring, helpful and loves spending time with him. I love watching their bond grow every day and know that they are not only brothers but friends for life.

Swizzels, the creators of Love Hearts, are on the search for the UK’s Loveliest Moments
Love Hearts are rewarding 5 nominees (the winners) with a Dream Day of their choice
People can enter by visiting swizzels.com/lovelymoments or by sharing their entry online #LovelyMoments



  1. My loveliest moment is when I gave birth and held my daughter for the first time, only then I knew what true love was

  2. Your lovely moments are just that - lovely! I enjoy Saturday nights when I'm together with my family enjoying a movie and treats - that makes me very happy!

  3. Aw good luck fingers crossed you win! What lovely moments especially marrying your hubby and having your kids xx

  4. Such lovely moments! Births have to be up there along with the Disney castle!

  5. My own lovely moments would probably be the days my children were born too. Hard to pick just one moment xx

  6. What gorgeous moments to share :)

  7. your lovely moments are really sweet, and the pictures you have to remember them are amazing x

  8. It would have to be having my daughter :) Good luck with the competition xx

  9. This are such lovely moments and memories, I can see why they all made the list

  10. awww what lovely moments, I got married last year too, after being together 15 years.


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