Giant Gazillion Giant Power Wand Review

Now that the weather has started to improve and the days are getting longer we have been sorting out the summer toys ready for the late nights and longer weekends.  This weekend we wanted to try out the Giant Gazillion Giant Power Wand as Little J loves bubbles and especially big bubbles that he can chase around the garden. 

The Giant Bubble Wand comes with a 4 oz. bubble solution which is enough to start with, but realistically you will need a larger bottle to ensure the wand gets some good use.  It takes 2 x AA batteries and can be set up in just a few minutes. 

Once set up, all you need to do is pour the solution into the supplied tray and dip the wand into the tray.  There is a button on the side that you press and the bubbles will start to form. 

The longer you keep hold of the button the bigger the bubbles you can make.  It wasn't particularly windy outside when we tried the bubbles so we found that the bubbles mainly just formed and fell towards the floor due to their size, but we found that by waving the wand around whilst holding the button that you can make smaller bubbles which are easier to float in non windy conditions. 

Little J decided that the best thing to do would be to chase the bubbles around with his nerf sword and ‘bash’ them so that they burst. He had lots of fun making sure he got every one. 

The wand is light enough for little hands to be able to use and the button is well positioned so that it can be held down by your thumb leaving the fingers to be able to grip the handle.  

The Giant Power Bubble Wand is definitely a fun addition to our outdoor toys and will get plenty of use over the summer, we just need to remember to top up on Gazillion bubble solution as the wand used a decent amount each time we used it. The refills are available in 80z, 2L and 4L bottles. 

 Gazillion Giant Power Wand is available at good toy stores, and online at Amazon


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