Capital FM Summertime Ball 2016

This post has been sitting in my drafts since the Summer and I'm not sure why I didn't publish it. As time went on I didn't feel the time was right to post about something we did months ago. As the tickets for this years Summertime Ball will be going on sale shortly I thought it would be perfect to share on day now for those who are thinking of attending this year.

 Now that big J is growing up buying for his birthday isn't as easy as it was. We asked him what he would like and even he couldn't think of anything. After listening to the radio one morning he heard about the Capital FM Summertime Ball so he asked us for tickets for his birthday.
The morning they went on sale was the morning McFly went on sale too. It was so stressful we had two internet pages up trying to get both concerts although getting tickets for the Summertime was our priority. It wasn't looking good as somehow the tickets seemed to be selling quicker than anything  we've ever tried for before so we went into panic mode. Eventually we managed to get tickets and our seats were pretty good.

The concert is a big event with doors opening at 1pm and finishing at 10pm so we booked a hotel to make a weekend out of it. We had to leave little J for the first time ever overnight which was strange but I'll talk about that another time.

We drove down early on Saturday Morning managing to stop just the once at Warwick Services for a quick bite to eat and a little stretch. It's a 4 hour drive to Wembley so it's quite a trek but one stop was all we needed.

We arrived at our Premier Inn hotel threw in our bags and ordered an Uber Taxi.

Big J was so excited and the line up was amazing. Little Mix, Ariana Grande, Years and Years, The Vamps, Flo Rida and Zayn to name a few.

As you can imagine the traffic getting to Wembley Stadium was crazy but our taxi driver managed to get us there before 3pm. Little Mix opened the show and we could hear them singing Black Magic as we headed to our seats. So with a little bit of a rush we were in our seats for the second song. I was quite shocked that they opened as there were hundreds of people still heading to the venue and I thought they would have been on a lot later. I'm guessing so many people will have missed their performance.

I was straight up on my feet dancing away to their hits, Move, Wings and Hair. Then it was time to slow it down swaying from side to side for Secret Love Song finishing off with the girls making the use of the extended stage to sing Salute.

After Little Mix we were ready for a great day/night. They were followed by Lukas Graham and a band I really enjoyed watching Years and Years. Big J knew all the words to their songs and was singing away.

Shortly after Major Lazer's Jillionaire took to the stage. I didn't get it really he seemed to just press play on his laptop and walked around talking to the crowd while songs played.

One band I was particularly looking forward to was The Vamps. There are a few songs of theirs I love so was ready to boogie. I found them really disappointing live. Lots of energy and jumping around but they were rubbish live.

Mike Posner opened his set with 'Cooler than Me' a song from 2010 but really got the crowd on their feet.

There was a quick change to the line up with Clean Bandit coming on. This was our time for a toilet break. They were quickly followed by Nick Jonas and We all enjoyed Wills set singing and dancing along. He even played Wonderwall and Nirvana. He was joined by a girl on stage which we later found out was Lydia Lucy.

WSTRN, Zara Larsson and Mnek all kind of merged in to one just singing one song each. This was a bit disappointing for big J who was looking forward to all three but seemed to enjoy it anyway.

Next we were getting in to the main performers so they had longer sets. Jess Glynne was amazing live, although she isn't someone I listen too I knew all her songs and most of the words. She really got the crowd going with her hits.

Nathan Sykes and Sigala played their set, but for us it meant we were a little bit closer to seeing the Ariana Grande. Big J especially likes her music and probably the fact she is gorgeous helps too. Just as it was her turn to take to the stage a surprise act was announced - Dizzee Rascal. The crowd went 'bonkers' literally. Bouncing up and down, hands in the air by far the best reception for any of the artists so far.

Finally it was time for Ariana to take to the stage in her over the knee boots and silver rain coat. She got everyone on their feet even the teenage boy who had sat playing his phone all day in front of us. She belted out Bang Bang, Problem and Dangerous Woman to name a few. She sang amazingly and looked stunning. We all really enjoyed her set and was probably the highlight for big J so far.

Next up Flo Rida and Craig David were amazing. Flo Rida worked the crowd and even had me on my feet after me saying I had no idea what he sang. I knew everything. Craig David chilled it out slightly but still had the crowd up. He is so talented.

So just two acts left Zayn and Tinie Tempah. There was a line of young girls in front of us and another line just behind us chanting Zayns name. He is so popular, with banners all over the stadium saying I heart Zayn. Then just as he was about to come on an announcement was made that Zayn would not be performing, he was ill. The atmosphere dropped in the arena. The kids looked gutted and there were quite a lot of parents very angry too as they had waited with the children all day to catch a glimpse of Zayn. Unfortunately these things happen and I'm sure it's in the small print somewhere that line ups are subject to change. Just a pity it was one of the headliners.

So just one act left and I did feel sorry for him having to take to the stage after such an announcement. Especially as people were packing their stuff in a huff and exiting the arena however the show must go on and what a finale. Tinie Tempah pulled out everything including guest singers Jess Glynne, Katy B and Zara Larsson. It was a brilliant performance and the crowd jumped to the final song of the night Tsunami. Epic ending to an amazing show.

We are definitely planning to attend again this year just fingers crossed we manage to get tickets.


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