The Lion Guard Hyena Hideout Playset Review

Little J was so excited to receive the Lion Guard Hyena Hideout Playset to review. As you probably already know we are huge Disney fans and we love watching The Lion Guard Series, which is a spin off from the movies The Lion King. We already own a Lion Guard Defend The Pride Lands Playset so little J is happy to have a 'bad guys' playset too. 

The Hyena Hideout is a little smaller than the other playset we own however it has just as many features. It only comes with the Hyena. The Lion cub is from the other playset.

There is a boulder attack feature - if you push down the tree branch the boulder will flip down the lava slide and hopefully knock over the enemy. 

There is a bone jail feature to put the enemy you have caught.

If you are dare to enter the Hyena hideout you could get stuck in the spinning tree.

The Hyena's have a place to hide behind the volcano lava.

There is a trap door which you can press the button and the enemy will fall into the lava pit.


What We Loved

The playset is the perfect colour for a Hyena playset.

It's durable. 

Lots of interactive features to encourage little ones to play. 

Little J loves the lava slide and the bone jail.

Extra figures and playsets are available so play can be enhanced further.

What Could Improve

If two figures were included that would be perfect. 


You can find out more information about the Lion Guard range by visiting Flair Plc and Lion Guard Toys are available on Amazon or most good toy retailers.



  1. it looks like one of those toys where your imagination really makes it work.

  2. This looks like a great toy. Even I want to play with it!


Thanks for your comments. I love reading them :)