Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Review - Droidbox PlayOn

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Droidbox PlayOn, Handheld Console, Buttons, Screen,
I recently bought the Droidbox PlayOn handheld console.  For years I have looked for and bought a number of units with the intention of being able to play emulated games from computers and consoles long gone, in a simple format with easy to use controls. 

On first impressions the PlayOn unit looks very much like a Nintendo DS.  The screen flips open and inside you have a control panel, with two comfortable shoulder buttons. The two joysticks on the panel are well positioned and the whole unit is very comfortable in the hands. 

I didn’t know at the time, but the console has been on sale before, known as the GPD XD, however the Droidbox version is identical and costs less! 

Droidbox PlayOn, Handheld Console, Buttons, Screen,

The Unit comes with most of the software that you will need to get the best from it. Included are three different emulator programs, which allow you to look through each emulated device and choose the game you want to download / play.  The best for me is happy chick. Its a simple web-based program, allowing you to search by device or game, and you can download the games you want to the PlayOn - for offline play later. 

The unit has 32 gb of space, which actually will hold thousands of retro games, but you can also use micro sd cards as an external upgrade to the memory. The OS is based on Android 4.4.4 - an older version of Android, but a very flexible version which allows the Unit to operate in the way it does. 

There is also so much more that the unit can do.  As its Android based, you can install millions of Android applications and Games.  There is a really useful screen mapping button, which allows you to tell the system which button you want to assign to what would have been a screen press.  This turns games like Fifa and Asphalt into much more user friendly games, as you are using a controller to play rather than the screen.  

Having said that, the screen is also touch sensitive and can be used to control the device in the same way as on any Android phone. Some games will always be better touch screen as they are made for this, and the PlayOn supports these games too. 

Lets not forget the ability of the machine to run other software, such as Plex or Kodi, you could also install BBC iPlayer and ITV player and the Unit has no problem running these. 

The Droidbox PlayOn also comes with some free games and other software to maximise the capability of the device. 

Droidbox PlayOn, Handheld Console, Buttons, Screen,

I finally have a handheld console that runs emulated retro games at perfect speed with easy to use controls. I have been playing Outrun, Hang On, Robocop, Mortal Kombat and many more, and am sure I will have hours of fun ahead as I explore and remember those old special games. 

For further information, review and to buy the PlayOn visit Amazon

Guest Post by John



  1. Brilliant! I love the old games!

  2. my daughter would love this! shes obsessed with retro games even though she has the upto date console

  3. I absolutely love this !! I am so tempted to buy one... I love all the old games xx

  4. This looks brilliant, my son would love one of these.

    Kirsty Fox

  5. That looks brilliant; really versatile and with a great retro style.

  6. I love retro games, and would play Pac Man for hours on end. This looks a great set up.

  7. This does look very interesting and versatile, like you say!


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