La La Land Review - City of Stars, Are You Shining Just For Me?

La La Land was a film that I had wanted to see for a few months after seeing trailers online, reading about it on Social Media and although I had an idea of what it was about nothing could have prepared me for just how fantastic this movie is. Most of my childhood saw me acting out the dance scene from West Side Story in my front living room or singing Grease songs in front of the bathroom mirror. La La Land took me back to those memories and how good musicals were and how sad it is that they just don't make movies like that anymore, until now. 
The opening scene reminded me of Fame or Hairspray and I instantly wanted to get up, dance and sing along to the music even though I didn't know the words. I wanted the audience to start tapping their feet then not be able to control themselves and have to start dancing in the aisles but unfortunately this is 2017 and reality is that we don't just burst in to song at a cinema or like the movie in a traffic jam on the freeway. I knew from that first musical number that this film was going to be amazing and I knew that I would to see it again and again. 

Mia played by Emma Stone is a struggling actress who crosses paths with Sebastian played by Ryan Gosling. Sebastian is a very talented pianist hoping to own his jazz club but unfortunately has never had the chance. 

After their first encounter you know their lives will never be the same again and their chemistry is electric. We are then taken on a journey of how these two end up falling in love with each other whilst trying to each achieve their dreams. 

For anyone who has seen the movie I am guessing as you are reading this you will be humming 'City of Stars' either aloud or in your head. It is such a catchy song / tune that I have actually heard people humming to themselves whilst out shopping. It really has captured everyones hearts who has seen the movie. Ryan and Emma's voices are perfect for the songs and if you are wondering if Ryan actually plays the piano in the movie then you may be surprised to find out the answer which is yes. He has always wanted to play so he learnt for the role and the pair had months of dances lessons which definitely paid off as shown in 'A Lovely Night' dance routine. 

If I am honest the ending had me in floods of tears. I had the same feelings as I did almost 20 years ago when I first watched Titanic. I couldn't breathe, I was shaking but on reflection I loved the ending although it did completely change my view on the movie and what it was actually about. An amazing movie which deserves every nomination, award and more. I cannot wait to see it again - 10/10



  1. I am yet to see this so great to read such a positive review.

  2. I really need to make time to go and see this - everyone is raving about it

    Laura x

  3. I've watched this recently was better than I thought as it's not the usual type of go for

  4. Still havent seen this yet...


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